Bitdefender Total Security Ultimate Review

If you start counting the number of antivirus available in the web for Windows, you can’t stop until finished because the number is pretty huge. There are tons of security suites for Windows PC which are totally unknown for us.

But today’s antivirus, Bitdefender Total Security, is not an unknown security suite to anyone. Isn’t it? It is available for past couple of years and this is one of the best security software for PC.

Bitdefender Total Security Ultimate Review

There are some other tools like Microsoft Security Essentials, Kaspersky Internet Security. Obviously, they are good in their own way but they are not competitor of Bitdefender Total Security (Personal view) because it works pretty different.


I have been using Bitdefender Total Security from past week on two of my PCs and both are working great. Generally, this security suite is free for 30 days. On the other end, it costs only 1399 INR for 1 PC when discounts are available for multiple PCs.

Bitdefender Total Security Features and Detailed Information:

Taking some necessary steps to keep our PC safe is must and Bitdefender is such a powerful security software that can eliminate infections from your PC within moments. Here is how and why it is so much authoritative.

Bitdefender Total Security Interface:

Bitdefender Total Security Ultimate Review

The interface is made by two colors i.e. green and black and it looks great. Anyway, you will get all the essential features of Bitdefender Total Security from the front page. The most significant thing is that it has no such multifarious options to make your chaotic.

Bitdefender Total Security Features:

It has almost ten different options to make you feel safe. All the options are as follows;

Bitdefender Total Security Ultimate Review

Antivirus: Obviously, it will help you to scan your PC in the easiest manner. You can run this section to scan your entire system or in recovery mode or vulnerability scan.

Firewall: It has a two way Firewall that will check all your network adaptors including Wi-Fi signals and prevent unauthorized access instantly.

Safebox: You must have to sign in to Bitdefender to use this part of this software. Generally, it looks after regular and shared folders from being handled by any unwanted person.

Privacy: Privacy is such a part that will let you delete any file or folder without giving access to recover that again by any third party software. (Be aware when you are using this section)

File Encryption: File Encryption will help you to add your files in different vaults so that you can protect that using password.

Antispam: If you don’t want to get email from a particular email ID or don’t want to be managed by any domain, you can simply use this in the Antispam list.

Tuneup: It works like regular PC tuneup utility. It will help you to remove duplicate files, scan your registry editor for any kind of issue, recover your corrupted registry files, clear different cache and defrag your disks.

SafeGo: This is the most interesting part because it will scan your Facebook account and will let you know whether there is any kind of security holes or not in your account.

Wallet: Wallet will assist you to take care of your sensitive data. You can create Wallet database and put your important and secret data within seconds.

Parental Control: Obviously, it will prevent your kids of browsing unwanted websites in your absence. But you have to spend few time to set it up properly.

Final Word:

All these aforementioned information are very true and this is my personal recommended security software for Windows computers. The price is also not much comparing with other security software.

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