Does Android Device Manager use GPS, Wi-Fi or Anything else?

You know that Android is one of the best mobile platform which is used by billions of people from all over the world. Few days back, Google introduced Android Device Manager and this is one of the best system that will let you get your phone back when you have lost it.

This service is provided by Google itself. Previously, Android Device Manager was available as an administrator settings inside your phone that is running on Android 4.0 and later versions. However, now you can use it as a third party application on your Android phone since Google launched it officially on December 11, 2013.

Does Android Device Manager use GPS, Wi-Fi

Anyway, there are some people who want to know the process on which Android Device Manager works to find your lost Android device. There is a confusion between Wifi, GPS and mobile network when it comes to the working method of Android Device Manager.


I have been trying to find the answer and today I got this answer at MakeUseOf. One person at MakeUseOf forum told that GPS is what Android Device Manager uses to provide mobile location. Sometime it can use Wi-Fi and that will be the more accurate location but there might have some problem when your Wi-Fi connectivity face any issue.

On the other end, it can also use tower triangulation. But that won’t be working well if your Android device doesn’t have any mobile connectivity.

So, the answer is GPS what is used to get perfect location and used by Android Device Manager.

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