How to Fix Chrome White Page on Starting

There is doubt that Google Chrome is one of the best browser for Android, Windows and Mac. It is fast enough even when you are using a pretty slow internet connection in your computer.

But now a days, some people are facing a problem with this browser. When you will go to open this browser at the first time after turning on your computer, you can’t see anything except a blank page.

I had been facing this issue for a long time. But after something, now the problem has gone. The entire workaround is pretty easy but you have to figure out the problem before doing anything else.

How to Fix Chrome White Page on Starting

How to fix Chrome white or blank page problem?

The first solution is, make sure you are using stable version of Chrome. You know that there are two different versions of Chrome i.e. stable version and beta version. When you are using stable version, the chances of crashing and appearing blank page is very high because whenever Chrome developers make any update or upgrade, Chrome beta receives that at first for testing purpose. So, there is no guarantee whether it will be running well or not. On the other end, stable version gets only upgrades and all of them are tested on beta versions previously. So, stable version doesn’t get any kind of issue such as showing blank page.

The second solution is, make sure you are not using tons of extensions and apps in Chrome. You know that Chrome Web Store has thousands of extension, apps and themes etc. but it doesn’t mean that you have to use as much as possible. Use only those extensions that you have to use for daily use. Previously, I used almost 8 extensions in Chrome but after starting the problem, I started using only 2/3 most essential extensions. On the other end, try not to use any third party theme. I know that themes are pretty good to give a better appearance to Chrome but it might be a reason of your blank page.

The third solution is, try not to use any toolbar such as bitdefender toolbar, uTorrent toolbar, Bittorrent toolbar and so on. I have previously mentioned a Windows software, AdwCleaner, which can remove all unwanted toolbars from your browser.

The fourth solution is, put Chrome app launcher instead of most viewed/recently viewed pages on startup page/new tab page. Newer versions of Chrome is using those aforementioned pages on startup but you can simply turn that off to make your browser even faster.

That’s all! There are also some other solutions but they depend on what kind of issue you are facing with Chrome. So, feel free and do ask your question anytime.

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