How to Create Virtual Desktop in Windows using Dexpot

Everyone including me, put shortcuts on desktop to access that faster and frequently. Suppose, you want to use Microsoft Word repeatedly. Instead of navigating to the start menu, you can simply put the shortcut on desktop and double click to open that.

And the aforementioned method is the main reason for that people often fall in trouble when they received tons of applications shortcuts on desktop. Then the situation goes to the opposite site. Instead of helping you to open something faster, it creates confusion and takes time to let you find the shortcut that you are looking for.

So, here is a software named Dexpot that will create four virtual desktop over existing desktop. You don’t have to pay for one more monitor. Rather than buying, Desktop is really a good choice for them who works day and night to do something quicker.

Generally, Dexpot is not a free software. But you can make use of the trial version of Dexpot easily. If you are looking for the pricing to buy it right now, head on to this pricing page.

Use Dexpot to Create Virtual Desktop:

This is however pretty easy and not yet much time consuming to set it up since the default settings is enough to work with it. At first download Dexpot and install it on your PC. After that, you can access this tool from your System Tray.

Dexpot to Create Virtual Desktop

There are four three virtual desktop (by default) + one existing desktop. You can either use this button in System Tray or you can use keyboard shortcut to switch from one desktop to any other desktop.

Settings and Features of Dexpot:

Although there are so many features and settings of Dexpot but I would like to mention only those which you need for sure.

Window Catalog:

You can get this option at your System Tray after right clicking on Dexpot button. It will help you to switch from one opened window to any other window very fast.

Full Screen Preview:

This option will let you check all those four desktops on your single screen – just like the following picture;

Dexpot to Create Virtual Desktop


The default number of virtual desktop is four but you can raise the number at up to eleven from the General tab. There are some other settings as well to start it with Windows, hide splash screen, show list of profiles on startup, check for updates and Run as administrator. You can also create different profiles to use different settings.

Dexpot to Create Virtual Desktop

The Plugins and Extras tab contains some option to add various plugins. On the other end, you can also set a master password to prevent everyone from opening your virtual desktop from the same tab.

Configure Desktops:

This window will help you to customize particular desktop. If you want to make change in all desktops, just go to the All Desktops tab and start setting up according to your requirements. But if you want to customize any particular desktop instead of all of them, select a desktop name and start doing whatever you want.

Dexpot to Create Virtual Desktop

You can set password, use different background wallpaper, different screen resolution, show/hide desktop icons, taskbar, system tray and lot more.

Assign Applications:

If you add any application to any desktop, it will be permanently bound to it. You can also add any app in all desktops.

Final Word:

If you are really looking for a software to create virtual desktops, there is no other alternative to Dexpot. You can easily adopt it as well.

What do you think about this? Do share your opinion with us.

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