TouchPal X Keyboard for Android – Free Alternative to Swiftkey

When it comes to Android as a platform, there is no such substitute to this OS out there. Even though there is iOS but people often head on to Android because it is cheaper, there are tons of software available either on Google Play or third party resources and easy to use as well.

I have brought up tons of software and tricks for Android and I hope those apps were helpful for you. Today, I am going to familiarize such a keyboard replacement that will help you to write something by swiping on screen.

You don’t have to press the corresponding buttons or words on your screen. Just put your finger on words and you can find that word on your screen. You can either construct word or sentence using this Touchpal X Keyboard.

I am pretty confused whether it is available for Android 2.3 or not because there is no such line written in the app download page of TouchPal X Keyboard on Google Play. This software is not only available for Android but also you can use it on iOS and Windows 8.

Introducing TouchPal X Keyboard:

I would like to mention all the features of this keyboard at first. You can do following things by making use of TouchPal X Keyboard;

  • Type by swiping
  • TouchPal Curve – Word gesture
  • Walkie-Talkie style Voice input
  • Sentence gesture
  • Word trends
  • Cloud prediction
  • Backup user words in Cloud
  • Emoji
  • More than 70 available languages
  • Mixed language prediction
  • One hand keyboard layout
  • Custom theme/wallpaper

How to use TouchPal X Keyboard?

There is nothing like perplexing. Just install it in your phone and you will get a screen something like the following picture;

TouchPal X Keyboard for Android

Just enable it to start using. After that whenever you will go to type something, you will get a different keyboard like this;

TouchPal X Keyboard for Android

To use the emoji, just swipe the keyboard from bottom to top. On the other end, just swipe from left to right to get the settings of this app.


To change the theme, go to Theme >> Wallpaper section and select your custom wallpaper and use that as a background of your keyboard layout.

TouchPal X Keyboard for Android

That’ it! There is no other settings or features of this little tool. But there is no doubt that this is one of the best tool to replace your inbuilt keyboard. On the other end, if you want to feel the experience of Swiftkey, you can use this TouchPal X keyboard instead of the free version of Swiftkey.

Get it on Google Play

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