How to Extract Text from Image using OneNote

You know that OneNote is one of the best app to take notes that is available for major platforms like Windows, Android etc. But did you ever find any trick to extract text from image by making use of this tool that is provided by Microsoft?

Sometime when you don’t want to send something via text, you can simply send the same written on image – that is called security and safety. On the other end, if you have got something like this and want to extract that text, which is pretty long, you don’t have to find any tool as long as you have Microsoft OneNote.

Extract Text from Image using OneNote

Apart from taking notes, there are also some other features of OneNote and extracting texts from image is one of them. It cannot do so when a text written and styled using PhotoShop or any other image editing tools (Note every time). If someone has written something using Paint or anything like this, this is very easy to extract by OneNote.

How to extract text from image using OneNote?

Note: I have tried it on Microsoft OneNote 2013 and Microsoft OneNote 2010.

This is however pretty simple. Just open your OneNote and open the image through OneNote. You can make use of drag and drop technique open the image.

After that, right click on the image and select the option that says “Copy Text from Picture”.

Extract Text from Image using OneNote

Now, open any text editor like WordPad, Notepad or anything else and press Ctrl+v. That’s all! You have done!

Now you don’t have to search for any other third party software to do the same because Microsoft OneNote is one of the most trustworthy software out there.

Hope this trick is useful for you. Do share your opinion with me.

Image Credit: clacey2

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