The Cleaner – Clear Unwanted Files and Make Your Android Faster

Android is a popular platform to run mobile and tablet. It has tons of applications and by default; it runs so many additional files in background. You know that if you install any software on your Windows PC, it could store some extra Registry files even after uninstalling that. Just like Windows PC, Android does the same.

But the problem is, you cannot find them after removing any app from your phone. Hence, the problem starts. To handle this situation, you might take the help of any third party tool. Previously, we mentioned so many brilliant app cache cleaner for Android like Clean Master, All in one Toolbox, Android Tuner, Android Assistant and lot more.

However, if anything is working well as you wish, here is yet another app named The Cleaner. This app is available for Android 2.2 and later versions. It has only few couple of options to manage your unused space.

Introducing The Cleaner:

Actually, it is divided into two parts. First part could handle your Memory – means it can scan your applications’ addition space. Moreover, the second part of this cleaner can optimize your hard disk of your phone.

Just download a free copy of The Cleaner and start using it. At first it will ask you to analyze your memory. Just press the button and the following screen will appeared as a result.

The Cleaner – Clear Unwanted Files and Make Your Android Faster

You can either include or exclude specific app or you can clear all apps’ cache at once by clicking the Clean button.

Similarly, you will get a same screen in the Storage tab. It will show you how much memory can be restored and used again.

The Cleaner – Clear Unwanted Files and Make Your Android Faster

There are also so many applications like this one but I have chosen The Cleaner since it is very easy to use and not yet much time consuming to complete the entire procedure. Hope it would help you a lot.

Get it on Google Play

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