ImageOptim – The Best Image Size Compressor for Mac

Apple Mac is yet another great platform for tech savvy people. Although most of its applications are premium but they are really worth to their price. We have mentioned tons of applications for Mac in early days and today we are going to introduce yet another free software for your Mac.

Previously we have shared a software for your Windows PC to compress image without having any problem and that is known as Mass Image Compressor. Although you can use Photoshop to reduce the image memory size but it is a paid software at all and that’s why 99% people would not like to buy it only for compressing image.

If you are a blogger and have to embed some beautiful image within your posts like us, you must have to use an image compressor to reduce the size because more memory will increase the page loading time and as a result it will provide bad user experience.

On the other end, if your data connection is limited but you want to share some important photos with your friends via any cloud storage, you can also use image compressor to reduce the bandwidth.

That is where ImageOptim comes in. It is here to solve your every kind of problem within moments because it is free and very easy to use. This is available for Mac OS X 10.6-10.9(Mavericks).

It can control only popular image formats including PNG, JPEG and GIF. You can compress image size by minimum 20% (Not for second time).

How to compress image size using ImageOptim?

This is however – as mentioned before. Just download a free copy of ImageOptim and open it on your Mac. You will get a screen something like he following picture;

ImageOptim – The Best Image Size Compressor for Mac

Just use drag and drop technique to select any PNG/JPEG/GIF image. After compressing an image, the screen will be looking like the following image;

ImageOptim – The Best Image Size Compressor for Mac

That’s it! Hope it would be helpful for you.

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