MoboLive – All in One Launcher and System Management App for Android

Have you ever used 91 Launcher? If yes, then you are much familiar with MoboLive launcher since it is the developed version of 91 Launcher for Android. You know that MoboRobo is a popular developer site, they develop MoboLive, and that is why it is well decorated and easy to use too.

Previously, we mentioned some popular launchers like Nova Launcher, Go Launcher Ex, Espier Launcher and so on. However, MoboLive is not like them since it has some additional features like Security, Backup, Battery saver, File Manager, App Manager etc. On the other end, it also has some good-looking widgets.

Introducing MobiLive:

This is yet another free Android launcher to customize your phone within moments. Just download a free copy of MobiLive and install it on your phone. Your home screen will be looking like the following picture;


You can download so many themes and wallpapers as well as you can set your custom wallpaper on your home screen. To download additional theme and wallpapers, just navigate to Menu >> Manager >> Themes/Wallpapers.

Features of MoboLive:

Apart from launcher, MoboLive has also some other tools – as mentioned before.


(Root Required)


It doesn’t lock down any application. In fact, you can check whether you have any suspicious application or not in your phone. You can also check less risky apps/games and check those apps those are set on startup.



Alike Clean Master, All in One Toolbox, MoboLive has a section to optimize your phone in terms of cleaning junk files, startup apps, apk files, large files and lot more.



I personally use Super Backup for a long time on my Android device and the backup section of MoboLive works pretty similar to that. You have two options to create backup of your applications and personal data.



You know that Android requires a third party battery saver and we have mentioned many battery savers including Du Battery Saver, Optimal Battery Saver and more others. MoboLive has a similar feature like those battery savers. You can increase your existing battery life using this part.

File Manager:

Apart from using the in-built file manager, you can simply use it without having any problem. Moreover, you don’t have to open File Manager, gallery, Video Player to open files, music, photos etc. if you install MoboLive since it will recollect all your data in one place.

App Manager:


This App Manager could uninstall entire aps from your phone – just Uninstall Master, KS Uninstaller etc. you can also move your installed apps from phone memory to SD card and vice versa. You can also change the default settings of any app like Browser, Photo Apps, Video Players etc.

There are also some other features of MoboLive but you have to use it to get them. Hope this app will help you a lot.

Get it on Google Play

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