MailTab for Gmail – Access Gmail from Mac Menu Bar

When it comes to software usability and worthiness, there is no other alternative to Mac and Mac App Store. You can download tons of free and premium software on your Mac within moments from Mac App Store. Previously, I mentioned so many freemium and paid software for Mac to make you a smarter life.MailTab for Gmail

You know that Mac offers in-built email client in which you can set up popular email services like Outlook, Gmail and others. The set up procedure is really very fast but when it comes to check and reply to those email, you might have to spend bit more time to do so.

Introducing MailTab for Gmail:

When you want to access Gmail faster – so-called from Mac menu bar, MailTab for Gmail is the perfect application for OS X 10.7 and up. In fact, you can use it on Mavericks too without having any problem.

You can simply set up your Gmail account for MailTab for Gmail and do all the things right from your menu bar. You can access your account in three different views i.e. mobile view, plain HTML view and modern desktop view. To be honest, I faced problem when enabling modern desktop view for the first time but did not face any problem for others.

After installing this software, you will get a screen something like the following picture;

MailTab for Gmail - Access Gmail from Mac Menu Bar

Just enter your Gmail account details to get started. The email inbox looks like the following image;

MailTab for Gmail - Access Gmail from Mac Menu Bar

Composing email with MailTab for Gmail is really interesting and you can find the power of simplicity.


There is no such confusing setting at all in this app. The preference section has also less but useful options. The interesting thing in this app is, you can choose if you want to start it on starting up or not. You also have some option to set up alert for new email or any kind of update.


I think this is enough as of now to make this out. I hope MailTab for Gmail would help you a lot to organize your email.

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