Prevent Photoshop from Creating Hyphen when Saving for Web

You know that Blogging is a common word in this modern era and everyone is trying to jump into the world of blogging to earn some quick money. That is not as easy as per my knowledge.

Anyway, Photoshop is a great photo editing software available for Windows and Mac and there is no other alternative to this image-editing giant. I have been using Photoshop for almost 3 years now and I am very contented.

I have been using it for converting screenshots into image for my blog post or sometime for editing logo for my blogs or sometime I use it for creating icon set. Whenever I use Photoshop, I try to reduce the image size by saving it for the web. This is a quick and great substitute to MassImageCompressor.

However, few months back, I perceived that Photoshop uses a hyphen/dash between each word every time you will save your image for web. That means, if your image name is cute baby picture, it will be cute-baby-picture after saving for the web.

default file save with dash

Therefore, this is obviously a time overwhelming task to rename them again before uploading to your server to use them in your blog post. On the other hand, using of hyphen in the title of any image name is not so friendly in term of SEO. Then, here is a quick trick that will let you get rid of this problem within moments.

How to prevent Photoshop from creating hyphen?

This is however very simple. Just open your Photoshop with an image and press Alt + Shift + Ctrl  + S. This is the hotkey of Save for Web. Now head on to the little button beside Preset in the top right corner of the new window. Press that and select Edit Output Settings.

Prevent Photoshop from Creating Hyphen when Saving for Web

Now choose Saving Files from the drop down menu.

Prevent Photoshop from Creating Hyphen when Saving for Web

Just remove the tick of Unix and make sure your changes.

Prevent Photoshop from Creating Hyphen when Saving for Web

That’s all! You have almost done.

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