How to Create Partition from Ext4 File System

You know that when you purchase computer with 1TB or something else hard disk, you have to split that much memory into different section to store system files, your own media files or anything else. Each section is called a partition.

Assume that you have made three logical partitions plus one primary partition and used 700 GB in total. Perceptibly, you cannot use the entire 1024GB for your working purpose of your 1TB HDD. However, the remaining “can be used” memory will be rehabilitated into Ext4 file system automatically and will be there in your same HDD.

When we buy a 1TB HDD, we often think that what we will do with so much memory. However, after few days of using that memory, we comprehend that 1TB is very not as much of. At such moment, we often try to upsurge the memory or create a new partition to store more data. Moreover, this where Ext4 file system comes in.

Ext4 file system is the short form of Fourth Extended File System and started with Linux Kernel 2.6.19. You can store a single 16GB file in an Ext4 file system and create 1EB file system easily. (1 Exabyte is equal to 1048576 Terabyte)

How to create partition from Ext4 file system?

This is however very easy with the help of a third party software that is known as Minitool Partition Wizard. I am going to use this software rather than Disk Management because you cannot detect Ext4 file system via Disk Management.

So, download a free copy of Minitool Parition Wizard and start using it. At first, you have to detect them. This is easy. All Ext4 file system are there with a name, Ext4. Check the following image;

Create Partition from Ext4 File System

Then right click on it and select Delete button.

Create Partition from Ext4 File System

After that, again right click on that and press the Create button.

Create Partition from Ext4 File System

Now you will get a window from you have to select NTFS as File System, Drive Letter etc.

Create Partition from Ext4 File System

At last, press either Ctrl + A or navigate to General >> Apply Changes.

Create Partition from Ext4 File System

That’s all! You have done! Hope this tutorial will be helpful for you.

  • Minitool Partition Wizard


Minitool Partition Wizard is such a great software for Windows 7 and Windows that will let you convert Ext4 File System into Partition.

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