WinMetro – Get Windows 8 Metro UI in Windows 7

You know that Windows 7 is a huge success of Microsoft family. Windows 8 (and Windows 8.1) came with tons of new features like Metro UI, Charms Bar, different PC settings and lot more.

get Windows 8 Metro UI in Windows 7

However, according to me, Windows 8 and later version of Windows are such flop in front of Windows 7. Anyway, whenever someone sees the Metro UI, he/she will surely fall in love with this because this is brand new.

Anyway, if you want to use Windows 7 for the availability of software as well as if you have some problem in migrating from Windows 7 to Windows 8, you can simply bring the Metro UI in your Windows 7 desktop with the help of a third party software.

How to get Windows 8 Metro UI in Windows 7?

This is however very easy by making use of WinMetro that is available for Windows XP/Vista and 7. Iobit develops this software and this is very light-weight. You can easily put it on starting up your Windows because of the aforementioned reason.

There is no such confusing user settings since it only brings the Metro screen and Win + I settings of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Just download a free copy of WinMetro and install it. You will get effect right away.

The start screen or Metro screen will be looking as follows;

get Windows 8 Metro UI in Windows 7

[Click the Image to Enlarge]

You can easily Shut Down, Restart or Log Off your PC by clicking the user photo – just like original metro screen.

get Windows 8 Metro UI in Windows 7

As mentioned before, you won’t get so many options to run it according to your wish. You can only get option to Run automatically at Windows startup, Open WinNetro desktop automatically, Run the program in background when it is closed, Do not disturb while working in full-screen and Display time in 24-hour format.

get Windows 8 Metro UI in Windows 7

That’s all! I think this tutorial is enough to use WinMetro wisely.

  • Metro Screen
  • Win + I Settings
  • Usability


WinMetro is used to bring Metro UI to the Windows 7 desktop.

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