Scrivener – Best Tool for Long Writing Scripts [Windows & Mac]

You know that script writing/freelance writing is the most popular job on the web. Anyone with a good writing skill can jump into the world of copy writing. However, you must be motivated all the time. Otherwise, you can’t do your job well as it should be.

I have been writing bog for almost two years now and I love this job because I have found something new in this job. Every day I come across to so many software that we can use to be motivated.

You know previously, I mentioned a software/writing tool named as FocusWriter to focus on writing while you are doing the same thing for a long time. Today’s tool is something similar to that but has a ton of more features.

Introducing Scrivener:

This is such a great writing tool to organize your hundreds of scripts in one window. You can set them according to your choice. You know that, scriptwriters write their script on computer rather than notebook because this is easy and not yet much time consuming task.

If you are a scriptwriter or want to be so, Scrivener would be the best software. No matter if you are using Windows or Mac, you can install it on both of the platforms. Generally, it offers 30 days free trial for both versions but if you want to buy it, you can to spend $40 for Windows and $45 for Mac.

Features of Scrivener:

I would like to mention only topmost features of this writing software because it will be a very long list if I start writing all it’s useful features. Therefore, I recommend you to use it to get all options of Scrivener.

Power of simplicity:

When you start this tool, you will find the following screen;

Scrivener - Best Tool for Long Writing Scripts

This screen indicates that how minimalist it is. You can easily navigate to any point and use that feature without thinking for twice.

Writing interface:

Scrivener - Best Tool for Long Writing Scripts

The writing interface is really great with some useful features. On the other hand, the open type fonts are working great with this software in order to bring yet another awesomeness. You can obviously, create multiple documents under one project and manage them according to your requirements.

Document organization:

Scrivener - Best Tool for Long Writing Scripts

To manage all written documents, Corkboard could help you a lot. You can use the Corkboard to like a physical to-do list whiteboard. You can also use drag and drop technique to change the document placement.

Group Documents:

scrivener create group for document

Suppose, you are writing a project where you have to write about some online companies like Google, Facebook, and all about those companies’ founders. So, obviously you should separate those documents in different groups.

Word title:

Do you know what does word title mean? No? Check the following image;

create title for text

Word title is such a thing that comes live when you hover your mouse over any word. Here, I have hovered my mouse over the line, INTRODUCING CLOUDAPP and This is the heading comes live as the word/line title. It is used to define a difficult or unknown word.


Although the number of features is really high but the number settings is fewer. You can set up it according to your requirement. For example, you can set up the editor, navigation menu, keyboard shortcuts, word correction style and lot more.

Final Word:

When it comes to usefulness of it’s features, there is no other near competitor of Scrivener. However, it has something missing. For example, MS Word offers Synonyms but Scrivener doesn’t. MS Word offers a lot of templates to write document, but Scrivener doesn’t. so, here is where Scrivener doesn’t excel like others.

  • Writing Interface
  • Document Management
  • Project Management
  • Price
  • Usability


Scrivener is a writing tool available for Windows and Mac. It costs $40 for Windows and $45 for Mac.

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