Two Apps to Check Android Notifications from PC

Suppose, you are not in front to your phone but want to check Android notifications from PC. That is where these tools come in.

Apps to check Android notifications from PC:

Desktop Notifications:

This is one of the best applications to check Android notifications from PC. This is however a browser based web application, which runs in background. You must have either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to run this entire process. Desktop Notifications is the most popular tool since Chrome and Firefox both are similarly famous.

To get started, just install Desktop Notifications App on Android and the Desktop Notifications extension on Chrome (download link given below). Now go to your Accessibility Settings and activate Desktop Notifications on Android. After that, click the Desktop Notifications icon in your browser and enter the random secret key that is provided by Desktop Notifications app on Android.

enter secret key on chrome

You can test this application by pressing Create Test Notification button. Anyway, it supports almost all kind of notifications including Google Play, Incoming Call, Missed Call, Messages, Gmail, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and lot more. In brief, you can check those notifications, what appear on your notification bar.

Check Android Notifications from PC

Example Notification

On Android device, you can check which apps are sending your notifications to your PC.

Check Android Notifications from PC

Get it on Google Play

Download Desktop Notifications (Chrome Web Store)

Download Desktop Notifications (Firefox Add-on Gallery)


This is a great substitute to Desktop Notifications. Nevertheless, if you want to more features like custom timeout, you need to buy the pro version of Notifications+. This app requires Android 4.0 or later versions. If you are using Android 4.3, you can simply close any notification from your PC by just clicking on the notification.

This is however less popular than Desktop Notifications because it is available only for Chrome and there are many people who are using other browsers as well. On the other hand, you can set custom timeout by clicking the option symbol in Notification filters page on Android.

notification filter notification+

To run this app, you need to register your device and browser using same email ID and password. You must choose a Google account to get everything done because this app uses Google Cloud Messaging service to let you check Android notifications from PC. Alike other apps, Notifications+ also support all kind of instant messaging tool and mail clients. You also need to activate it in Accessibility settings.

notification+ register browser

You can find all registered devices on your screen – just like the following picture;

notification+ connected devices

In settings page, you will get few couple of options like enable or disable this app, notify only on WiFi or not, enable or disable notification when screen is turn on and lot more.

This is however a great application with so many brilliant features. Hope this tool will be helpful for you.

Get it on Google Play

Download Notifications+ (Chrome Web Store)

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