Top 5 Free Photo Sharing Apps for Android

You know that Android is the biggest mobile platform to run tons of free apps. Till now, I have introduced so many applications  to make your experience better. Today I am going to mention some photo sharing apps for Android so that you can share your happy clicks with your friends.

Best photo sharing apps for Android:

Actually, there are tons of photo sharing apps for Android and hence I faced some problems to pick out only those, which will let you say WOW. I have also checked the ease of access and availability as well as popularity.  However I have chosen following apps for you.

1. Facebook Messenger

This is one of the best photo sharing apps for Android that is developed by Facebook. You can quickly capture photo and share it with your friends within moments. Although there is no such requirements mentioned in the Facebook Messenger download page on Google Play to install, but I guess you can use this simple instant messenger application on your 2.3+ devices.

Photo Sharing Apps for Android

This is however very easy to share a photo with your friends or anyone else in your Facebook friend list. Just open this app >> click the attachment button >> choose either Take Photo or Choose Photo to capture new image and choose from existing images respectively and send it to anyone. That’s all you have to do.

➤ Facebook Messenger

2. Instagram

Photo Sharing Apps for Android

Instagram is a popular website to share photo and you can easily access this website by downloading the Instagram app on your Android device. Just create an account at Instagram >> sign in to your Instagram account on Android mobile and start sharing your happy memories with anyone worldwide.

But the only problem is you cannot upload any type of photo until you are using the official Instagram application since they do not allow user to do so. You must need another third party application to upload entire photo you want. Read this article to learn how to upload entire photo to Instagram.

➤ Instagram App

3. Flickr

Photo Sharing Apps for Android

The official Flickr  app is not bad as well like others. You know that Flickr is one of the best site that is powered by Yahoo. You can access this website from anywhere you want and Android is one of those lucky platforms. You can download the Flickr app on Android 2.3.3 and upper versions Android phones.

Just create your own Flickr account and start uploading photos to Flickr. You can get unique public URL that can be shared to let other check your phone. You can also edit your photos. Editing means you can add filters and frames, enhance, sharpen, crop photo and change the contrast as well. Here is no such resolution restriction at all.

➤ Flickr App

4. Photobucket Mobile

This is yet another brilliant photo sharing app for Android and you can also use this site from anywhere you want since it is available for cross platform. You need to sign up with your email ID and that’s all! After downloading the app, sign in to your app and start exploring photos to choose and upload to Photobucket.

Photo Sharing Apps for Android

You can add different effects, enhance photos, add frames, crop images and lot more. After uploading photos, press the Share link and get the unique URL to share.

➤ Photobucket Mobile

5. PicMix

Photo Sharing Apps for Android

It is for them, who needs simplicity and speed. This is very easy to use this app. In fact you don’t have to sign up to anywhere in order to use this photo sharing app for Android. Just install this software on phone that is running on Android 2.2 and up and select photo and share it with PicMix. That’s all!

➤ PicMix

Last line:

There are also tons of photo sharing apps for Android and today I just mentioned free and easy to use apps. Almost all photo sharing apps are really great but you have to choose the best one for you. You can also use various cloud storage app like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive etc. as photo sharing app.

What do you say about these photo sharing apps for Android?

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