Registering a Domain Name? 5 Tips on Buying It Like a Pro

Buying a domain name? Wait! These 5 tips on buying a domain name life a pro will help you in getting the best branding domains for yourself. One needs to spend some quality time selecting a domain URL and thus is one of the most difficult and time consuming tasks. However, a perfect walkthrough on how to search for your domain name will help you in getting your hands on a perfect URL.


If you are registering domain names for the first time, you will realize that it’s no cake walk. Finding a good domain name takes a good research and patience. Every day you will come across number of fancy domain names like Flickr, Mashable, Pintrest, etc. However, you must understand that luck does not knock on everyone’s door. Hence, you must first decide whether your domain name would be some brand in itself or just another keyword for any niche site.

The answer to the above questions will solve most of your problems and even raise some other. If you have decided that your domain URL would be a brand name, you need to check if the exact match is available and if yes, does it have any copyrights. If the domain name is available to register and that too without any copyright issues, your problems get solved in the first place. And if not, you need to look for a different brand name for which the URL is available.

On the other hand, if you are starting out with just another niche site and searching for a good domain name, following are the top 5 tips for buying a domain name like a pro.


  1. Search for Your Niche Keywords: If you are doing a niche website, you must be quiet a well aware of the keyword research technique. You must have even decided upon some of the keywords that you would like your website to rank in the search engines. Use these exact match keywords as your domain names.
  2. Avoid Long Tail Keywords as Domains: After selecting your keywords for the domain URL, make sure that these keywords are not more than 2 to 3 words. Avoid using long tail keywords for domain names. This will make it difficult for your loyal readers to keep your domain name in mind.
  3. Avoid Hyphens or Numbers in the Domain Name: Hyphens and Numbers are a big no in the domain URLs. Bloggers many a times make use of hyphens and numbers in their domain names to get exact match domain names. However, it does not help them in near future and creates a redundant domain URL with a lesser worth.
  4. Spelling Mistakes: As mentioned above, domains like pintrest, flickr, etc. have achieved success a part of luck and a unique activity. It does not mean that every domain name with an error can get a similar success. On the other hand, it will just reduce the visitors that are trying to visit your website with a correct spelling.
  5. Choose an Appropriate Domain Extension: Domain extension are important and play an important role in the SERP ranking as well. Hence, you must ensure that your select an appropriate domain extension for your domain. Recently, domain registrars have introduced higher level domains that specifically tell what your business or product is. Some of these extensions include: .guru, .restaurant, .hotel, etc.

Wrap Up

The above five tips on registering a domain namelike a pro will definitely get you one of the best domain names your niche site. Along with the above five steps also ensure that your domain name is a bit classy and well setup for promotion. A short and sensible domain name is easy to promote and remember.

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