How to Find Affordable PG accommodation in Bangalore

The Silicon Valley of India, has witnessed a major boom in last couple of decades which the thriving IT sectors and more tech population opting Bangalore as their rostrum to kick – start their careers. As a result, the real – estate market has also been through an exponential growth, and with the al – encompassing development of the city getting a proper accommodation within a budget has really become a challenge for the present generation. The new techie-bies shifting in the city may have the initial financial crunch and opting for rented apartment may not be a viable option for them.


Well, to smoothen the initial hiccups, one may opt for PG accommodation. Though it had been a challenge to find a suitable as well as affordable PG accommodation in Bangalore, but with, you are sorted in a click. Wanna know how…simple…just explore portal

Instinctive interface for users

The portal has been conveniently designed to provide the easy navigation to the user and simplify the search. This also aids in instant search results too. For example, if you are looking for a PG/Hostel accommodation in Bangalore all your require is to select the service options from the grid view of the home page and enter your desirable city i.e. Bangalore and hitting the search button, takes you to the result page

Sort as you like

The result page shows up in dual mode with list view on the left as well as the map view on the right. You find the filter bar on the top placed horizontally with a gamut of options to streamline your search. If budget is in your mind, then check the top panel of the list view on the left side. You get the option ‘Sorted by: Relevance’. The drop down has the option to sort the properties in ascending or descending order in terms of rent and lifestyle rating. So you have the leverage to customize the search as per your priority. The SPOC contact number is also provided, where you can send him a message or even get connected over phone

Verified and Visuals enhance the authenticity

The portal provide you with the detail insights of the property with high definition snaps and the verified tagging. This feature actually created a niche for All the property in are subjected for a real time visit by their in-house team who also clicks pictures from different angles before uploading them in the website. Hence all the properties are tagged Verified, with appropriate ratings which provides an overall understanding of the localities too

Topographical presentation for location understanding

If you are choosing a PG you will always prefer to find out the connectivity of that particular area with your work place, or may be the distance between both the places…since many of us prefer to take up accommodations nearby our work place to save time, money and energy. This feature is very apt to find out all these details. This also provides the commutation option available taking into consideration all the important landmarks portal has simplified the PG hunting to such level that, it’s no more a mandate for everyone to be in the city and keep on hopping from one place to another to get your desired accommodation, rather everything can be sorted in a single click. To make house hunting convenient for everyone, they also have a round the clock hotline number 03-333-333-333.

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