EaseUS Todo Backup Review

The importance of having software and an excellent system backup has always been preached, but seldom does it being practiced frequently. Only when the daunting task of a system retrieval, system reformatting or system reinstallation does what’s much more interesting, and it appears to be significant to truly have a great backup software is a free backup software available for everybody. All you require is an email address for enrollment purposes, where you’ll be given the download link and comes the setup part. Having a free variant might not be the best option to your copy needs but it is still better than nothing.


It is pretty user friendly even for the typical home user with limited knowledge in the IT industry. Then there is the heavy duty material with the Server Backup variant which has 2 flavours, EaseUS Todo Backup Server and EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server; for handling your servers. Ultimately, there is the Technician Toolkit, perfect for IT admins, advisors and technicians to do backup/recovery and system installation.

EaseUS Todo Backup

The free version provides a safe and dependable backup & disaster recovery software for home users. It certainly mean something if there is more than 4 million users now utilizing it. EaseUS Todo Backup is simple to use, all it takes if only one-click to back up your system, music, videos, documents and programs in the event of any catastrophe problems. It’s a rather efficient free backup software and retrieval. It allows for disk upgrading disk cloning and now with solid state disk selling for affordable, migrating your whole system to a brand new SSD.

Plus it can easily restore what you need, recover everything, folders, volumes, or granular files from just one picture. Eventually, there’s a selection of choosing differential backup, incremental backup or a comprehensive full backup. With an intuitive interface plus with the aid of a wizard, you will be taken step-by-step of the way in performing restoration & backup. It is so easy, anybody can do it. It has been proven to be reliable and safe along with your data would not be damaged.

A free backup software provides lifetime automatic updates as well as version upgrades, although EaseUS Todo Backup might only be it. There’s always a technical support team on hand to answer any questions. EaseUS Todo Backup Free supports the newest Windows 8, Vista, 7 and Windows XP. All you require is a legal e-mail address and register accordingly and within seconds the download link will soon be inside your inbox, prepared to be downloaded and installed. EaseUS Todo Backup is simply such a strong and very user friendly backup and restore utility. Like any good backup software, it’s going to back up your complete system’s present state, information, settings and all; including whole disks or partitions, and restore your computer in the event of a hard disk crash or any other calamity.

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