AskmeBazaar’s Wholesale Shop Review

Askmebazar is a new ecommerce portal, trying to enter in the ecommerce in India. We already have Snapdeal, Flipkart and Amazon, which are heavily funded by many of private equity firms and doing really well in the sector. The last example of The Big Billion Day by Flipkart states the whole story, because if you have been following this sector for a long period of time they you would know that such heavy discounts being offered to the customers on that day were funded by any of the equity firms which have been supporting Flipkart.

Askmebazaar is also highly funded by many of the equity firms but then it is wasting its money by just offering the blind discounting, rather it is trying to create different ecommerce points for different segment of customers. One of these segments is the type of customers who would involve only in the wholesale buying.

Wholesale-AskMeBazaar-Review is a new portal launched for such customers. Now, if you are a part of the purchasing department of your office or if you are entrepreneur searching for new office supplies then you can register yourself on this portal with a nominal fee of 1000 INR. The portal has a mince maintained database of all the sellers, which can be contacted by you. All the contact details, including their store address and phone number is available on the portal via which you can initiate the purchase process.

You can ask them to send the sample of their product, though an image of the same will be available on the portal along with the feedback of other buyers who have dealt with them in past. Once the sample is accepted, you may ask them to send a quote of those products. Please note that the responsibility of shipping will be solely handled by the seller and askmebazaar will not play any role in it.

On this, Mr. Kiran Murthy, CEO AskMeBazaar, said that “We are quite excited about the addition of wholesale to our product suite and are heartened to see the initial response from small businesses and suppliers alike. We have been promoting this concept across industry exhibitions like AHAAR etc and many businesses and suppliers have signed up on the spot. The transaction cycles are longer plus the average invoice amount is larger and hence we are tracking the operations cycle very carefully and will scale up this platform and catalog very soon.” Please let us know your opinion about this portal.

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