ThoughtBuzz Review – Social Media Marketing and Analytics Tool

Big data and SMAC are the new trend in this global market. Every other organization wants to get the most useful information out of their traffic available on Social Media because it is like a virtual home for their consumers who tend to share genuine interests and opinion over the platform. Working along the same lines, ThoughtBuzz is something which tend to help the organizations in the same way. All the services provided by them are focused towards the social media. The kind of market segmentation which can be done using those social media parameters is fabulous and in this article we will help you to know more about such services offered by ThoughtBuzz.


I will start telling you about the prices in which you can afford these services because the prices have been devised quite strategically. We all know that startups, (when they are not funded) tend to avoid any kind of extra cost for their business and hence they tend to minimize the risk of their investment by choosing the services which are already there and used in the market. Hence, in order to take care of that issue, Thoughtbuzz provides there minimal set of services for free and as the depth of services starts growing (like not only working on the official page of Facebook or Twitter but also Instagram and YouTube) the charges for using the services started going up.

They will go through all kind of activities happening on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram and provide about the detailed insights related to your brand reputation, brand’s social media presence, organization’s brand equity, the kind of content being circulated over you official media pages and the kind of keywords on which your social media should focus.

All these kinds of information are available as a result provided by their services named as.

  • Full Spectrum Analysis

  • Social Intelligence Matrix

  • Personna Analysis

  • Social Audit

  • Content Analysis

  • Social Media Lead Generation

These days, when the largest amount of digital traffic is retrieved from social media, such kind of service tend to be really help for the organizations. ThoughtBuzz will help you to understand that what kind of content and keywords should be posted on the social media pages and when it should be posted. Hence it is highly recommended that you should definitely look out for atleast using the free section of their services and get an idea about the kind of improvements you may have.

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