How to Install a Wi-Fi Booster easily

Today, computers are being used for more than just sending emails, and typing documents. Homes and businesses are becoming increasingly digital and are relying on their computers to handle the demand. With tasks like storing precious family photos, or hosting an online media collection, home computing is even more dependent on a stable network connection. Many people opt for a wireless connection, which helps eliminate desk clutter and allows for laptop and tablet use. There are limitations to the wireless technology, though, and it may not always result in the best signal strength.

Depending on a variety of conditions, such as distance from the router, you may experience intermittent connectivity issues when using a wireless router. To amplify your signal and increase the range of transmission, you can opt to install a Wi-Fi booster. These devices boost the signal from the router and help improve connection speeds and stability. They are simple to install, and you can begin seeing results instantly.


To Install:

  1. Find the right product. There are many different boosters available. For average size homes, once booster is sufficient, however if you are installing in an office building or other large space, you may require additional products. Determine the size of the space you want an amplified signal, and find a booster with an appropriate coverage zone. The professional team at can assist you in finding the right booster for your needs.
  2. Decrease interference. Install the device as far away from other causes of signal interference, such as radios, microwaves, baby monitors and other devices that emit a signal. Countertops made from steel, glass surfaces, and microwaves can also deflect the signal, rendering your booster less effective.
  3. Position the router. Make sure your router is in the best location in your home. Putting it as central as possible ensures that it will have equal range in all area of the house, which will in turn better the booster. Be sure that the router is plugged in and powered, and that your computer or other device recognizes the signal.
  4. Add the booster. Depending on the type of booster you have, you either connect the booster directly to the router, or in a separate location where signal is clearly detected. You literally just plug it in, and you’re ready to go. Most boosters are completely set up and ready to go within fifteen minutes, and don’t require special tools or accessories.
  5. Check the signal. After installing the Wi-Fi booster, you will notice an increase in your connection signal immediately. Using your wireless device, you will now have better speeds, and a more direct connection to your network.


Remember to read the user’s manual prior to installation, as all models can vary. Also, be sure to find the optimal location for the router and booster to maximize the range of amplification.

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