OnePlus One CM 11S 05Q OTA Update with Swiftkey & MaxxAudio

Finally, the latest OTA CM 11S release, 05Q is out now. To all the OnePlus One users, you can get it now with many exciting features and fixing all past issues with the device. The device has come up with improvements all around starting from BlueDroid to an updated version for NFC and other media codecs and security fixes. The favorite staffer of OnePlus One in regard to keyboards and sound performance i.e the MaxxAudio and Swiftkey is coming out with this update.

The camera on the device has been updated with three Video focus options mainly Auto, Infinity and Continuous. The things are yet not limited as there are some other things which are added into this update which includes regulatory information, audio output latency optimization, LED overlays and an ANT+ library. OnePlus also has removed some other stuff like the unused strings in CMAccount, unused key layouts, references to non-existent ringtones and the option for a silent alarm ringtone. Apart from them, there has been an improvement in translations in regard with Apollo, CMAccount and the system ofcourse.

The system has changed all over be it recovery or set up, camera or any other general things running in the device.

OnePlus One CM 11S SwiftKey Update

Few of the improvements are listed below:

Recovery in the Device

The updated device has fixed up dab with Linux 3.10 and an improved version of ADB Sideload, wipe confirmation screen layout and the progress bar.

General Improvements

The issues of wrong emergency calls faced with the device have been solved now along with an improvement in audio policy, void volume, light control, ADCB files, updated configuration of WCNSS and an updated SQLite. Apart from them, there is an improvement in the step per click system of volume, headset insert and support for issues in concern with SIM SMS. The device is now capable of hanging up a call from any wired audio headset.

Set up and File Manager

Here comes the set up wizard which allows turning on and off the mobile data easily. Apart from them, the device has fixed the problem of force close while sharing multiple files over bluetooth.


Yes, the device has changed display options as well. Now you will see download size as a prefix decimal. Apart, scrolling on the system update screen has been enabled. The progress bar has been added with updated icons. The letterbox view has been added to show a real capture as a preview and toast information is provided for the first timers taking continuous shots.


The behaviour of screen rotation during calls has been fixed and users can even block people in the blacklist.


The updates in the clock ensure fixed city with time zone entries, and handling call events over call.

So, all the comprehensive changes have made the phone an all rounder and a must buy device.

Source: OnePlus Forum

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