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The perspective of customers of buying property has changed completely. Seeing this change, the Tata Value Home with has come up with 3D rendering feature. This is the feature that will allow the customers to check each and every detail without visiting the site. Yes, the company is available online showing the project layout and building blocks in detail. Using this feature, the interested customers can see the floor plans and building plans.


The procedure of finalizing a flat or apartment is still the same. Visiting sites, taking appointments with the builders and discussing project and rates; it is the usual procedure which is time-consuming. In this fast moving world where customers do not get time for themselves it becomes really hard to take out some time for finding a home. The company has made it really easy and has made its project available online in full detail. In December, the company partnered up with Snap deal and launched its personal e-commerce platform, it is the As a part of the ‘Google’s Online Shopping Festival,’ the company happened to start selling the homes online.

This step has been proven to be a great success for the company. The company recorded the sale of 700 homes generating over Rs 300 crore in December 2013. The reason is not only that these apartments are available online but also that their detailed internal and external layouts are available. This 3D rendering is known as the “Slice View”. It is the tool that features floor wise mapping of the building, internally as well as externally. The company has launched four projects in Chennai, Pune, and Bengaluru. The flat rate starts from Rs 30 lakhs and you can make it yours by depositing Rs 30,000. Yes, it is the initial price. This makes it affordable to the ii and iii tier people. The company has applied such an effective strategy that covers a wider range of targeted audiences. It has been an easy way of searching and purchasing your dream home with Tata Value Homes. Almost half of the sales of the company are happening online. Pawan Sarda, marketing head, and product development of Tata Value Homes reported that the company will continue to sell homes online at its personal portal and also planning to tie up with some other e-commerce companies.


The company is doing really well in its business and this is the reason some foreign investors are also coming up with great investments. Last week, the Japanese Telecommunications and Internet Corporation ‘SoftBank Corp.’ invest $75 million in the For, it is the transaction based revenue which is not so contemporary alike listing-based online.

The Tata Value Homes have brought the costs really down in the market. In order to achieve this, the company has adopted the most basic business standards. It has utilized the space in the best way possible creating more apartments in the limited space. It complete program has brought down the market price really down and that is why; some of its apartments are available at Rs 25 lakhs. But, always keep this in mind that these apartments and deals are different from different territories. Also, the apartments have been designed keeping the territory traits in mind. Therefore, the housing of Chennai will be different from Pune and so as from Bengaluru. This difference is also depending on the requirements of the customers of the particular place. Previous experience and corporate structure have played a major role. This is the reason the company employs outsources the resources in gauging the pulse of a market in an exacting territory. The end result is that more and more people are attracting towards buying the flats. This has increased the sales and the customers are booking the flats fast. In short, the Tata Value Homes have incorporated all those features in their designs which have been expected by the urban class. Additional to these, one is not required to put extra effort in conversation. Everything is available online and you can finalize the deal online only. It will save your time, money, and energy. So, is it not an easy way of buying your home today?

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