Great features of Apple Watch that Android Wear lacks

Just like every other Apple product, Apple Watch will give a lot of competition to other companies when it hits the market in a coming few weeks. With Google as its major advisory and Android Wear who withdrew its services last year, the Cupertino Company still maintains the momentum.

Here are some of the great features of Apple Watch that Android Wear lacks, giving an explanation on why the former will be the company to rule this emerging product line soon.


Some Great features of Apple Watch that Android Wear lacks:

Receive and Make calls

One of the major highlight of Apple Watch is that it has built-in speaker and mic. Users will be able to receive and make calls directly from the device. Ofcourse, a connected iPhone is a necessity for most of the Watch’s functions.

Send Drawings to each other:


Giving a social and communicative aspect to this latest gadget, users will be able to send drawings to other Apple Watch users.

Sharing your heartbeat with Apple Watch Users


Apart from drawings, Watch users will be able to send their real heartbeats to other users. It seems that Apple has played every trump card it can to make the gadget loved.

Digital Touch Crown:


Along with the touch screen, the Apple watch has a conventional Digital Crown that is used for adjusting time and date in traditional wristwatches. The difference here is that it is used to scroll and zoom in just like the click wheel in an iPod. Do doubt, it is one of the most impressive aspects of the entire gadget.

Connect to WiFi


While Android Wear currently depends upon a Bluetooth connection, Apple Watches have the feature of connecting to WiFis in the range. Though, recent reports indicate that Google plans to remedy this in upcoming updates.

Send vibration to Apple Watch Users:


Seems something similar to the Facebook “poke”, the top/vibration feature is interesting and may turn out to be a popular feature of Apple Watch.

Pay Using NFC:


Apple Pay is becoming popular day by day and its ascent will definitely be buoyed by the introduction of Apple Watch that possesses in-built NFC.

Various Apple Watch Face Customization:


Apple Watch allows users to customize watch face i.e. modify and add different nuggets like timer, weather, dates and more.

Force Touch:


The much talked about feature of this Watch is Force Touch. This feature is a nifty implementation which has the ability to detect the strength of a tap on the display. Thus, performing necessary actions accordingly.

Unlock Hotel Doors with NFC based Virtual Keys:


This feature will best suit those who easily lose keys or swipe cards. NFC based virtual keys will enable users in unlocking their hotel room door with much ease.

Send Emoticons to other Apple Watch Users:

Just like sending an emoticon reply to a friend on Facebook chat or on Whatsapp, Apple Watch users will also be able to send quick replies by shooting animated emojis.

Send Audio Messages on apple watch:


With Apple Watch, users will be able to send quick audio notes to other users which are useful in numerous situations.


With so many hidden features that Apple Watch has, the product is sure to create a sensation in the global market.

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