10 Ways to Make Money from your Old Gadgets

With new technology phones and gadgets introduced in the market, people tend to incline towards them and leave their old phones or gadgets. The old gadgets keep piling up in our homes. So why not earn a few extra bucks by selling the old ones? Isn’t it a good idea?
For example, if I have an iPhone 4 and I want to buy a new one, I can sell my iphone in exchange of the new iPhone with latest technology. It is a complete win-win situation for the users. Nowadays International Market is flooded with e-retailers who can buy your old gadgets at a reasonable rate. So why not try a few of them?


Below is a list of 10 E-Retailers that can help you earn those extra bucks by selling old electronic gadgets.

  1. eBay

Users can directly sell their old electronic gadgets on eBay directly. If the users want to sell it to retailers through eBAY then the Ecommerce website has options for them as well.

  1. OLX

Users can simply make an account on the website. They can simply upload a picture of their gadget and add information about it so the sellers can directly contact them.

  1. Target

At target, users can sell their old electronic gadgets as well DVD’s. In exchange they get gift cards. If a target store isn’t near to you, then the seller can wrap the gadgets with a pre paid label of the amount expected.

  1. Gazelle

On gazelle, one can sell their old electronic products and phones. The user can find a similar gadget on their website and answer a few questions about theirs. They can ship the items to gazelle so that the people there can inspect it. It also has a very fast payment mechanism. At GAZELLE one can select any one from the 3 options namely- PayPal, check or Amazon.com gift cards.

  1. Walmart

They have tied with GAZELLE. Users can ship their gadgets to Wal-Mart, though a few items aren’t in the free shipping list. In exchange, users receive a WALMART E-gift card.

  1. Craigslist India

It is an online classified portal. Users can put up their required advertisement of their gadgets. It is made available in almost 16 states in India.

  1. EroDev

It has a very detailed and informative classified section wherein users can put up their ads of their electronic gadgets.

  1. TechEnclave

It is a very active forum with general sale section, one dealer zone and also a distinct section of hot online deals on tech stuff.

  1. ThingDigit

It’s a great place for users to sell their gadgets. It is not category specific but computer gadgets are hot products here.

  1. Facebook Marketplace

It is a type of third party application that allows the users to trade products on Facebook and let others check and buy them accordingly.

If a user wants to get the best price of their gadgets then they should always compare deals on various sites mentioned above. Selling gadgets always need not be very difficult if the end bargain is to earn good money.

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