How to Transfer Anything on Your iPad, iPhone & iPod to Computer

So, the technology turns up for an amazing tool for backing up music, movies, books, playlist, photos and a lot more stuff from your iPod to Windows PC at a really high speed with simple processing. It is one complete and ideal solution to manage important stuff. To describe the tool, lets start with its following features

  1. It can easily transfer more than 10 files from your iPod to computer given the fact that you can preview the files.
  2. Also, it supports all models of iPod like shuffle/touch/Nano.
  3. The tool works well with searching and previewing the iPod files to turn up with a quick and accurate recovery.
  4. It supports Windows7/8/XP as well as Vista, and Mac OS 10.6-10.9

In all, it makes iPhone to Computer Transfer an easy task.

Why Choose iStonsoft iPod to Computer Transfer?

It is convenient to go ahead with iStonsoft iPod to Computer Transfer since it serves as one great option when you need to reinstall your library of iTunes or even the system as well. It helps you create a backup of files like notes, bookmarks, messages and contacts saved in your iPod. Also, you can easily transfer music from iPhone to Computer and avoid any loss of data. Share your iPod Music and Videos with your friends in a convenient manner with this tool.

Data Saviour

When it comes to Apple Users, loss of Data is one common issue faced by them. You may mistakingly loose data, delete it from your iPod, turn with failure to upgrade the system and have problems with Power failure, theft or virus infection. All such situations will take you away from your important data. In such situations, iStonsoft iPod to Computer Transfer works as a saviour of your data and keep things safe. Simply run the software and restore all the important files

Easy Managing System

After you are done with the transfer process from your iPod to the computer, it is quite easy to manage your iPod files and manage a separate folder on your system directly. You can easily edit the files, add , delete or rename the files and folders. No extra labour required.

Apart, you have the choice to connect a range of iDevices to your system at a single time. It helps to back up the files continuously in an effective manner making the transfer process quite simple.

Easy Transference with the Ingenious Design

After you are done with the transfer program, the data gets saved on your iPod. You will find the same on the left side of the interface. It makes browsing the things easy with quick functioning.

iStonSoft to Computer Transfer comes along a Filter and Quick Search tool. It basically helps on locating the required files accurately and conveniently. Lastly, it provides with two viewing modes to view the files comfortably.

So, for all the iPhone users, iStonSoft to Computer Transfer is one assured solution to big problems.

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