Review: Tenorshare Password Recovery Tool For Windows

Tenorshare windows password recovery tool is one of the easiest tool to recover the forgotten windows password for login. It can be used for local accounts as well as Microsoft accounts.
One can easily recover the forgotten passwords by following 3 simple steps:

Step 1. Download the software and then install it.

Step 2. Then the user has to make a bootable DVD/CD/USB.

Step 3. Now the user can easily reset the windows password.

Tenorshare Password Recovery for Windows is a software more suitable for households, business enterprises, and firms. Usually people panic in situations when they lose passwords for windows and there is no reset disc as well, if they do not make admin accounts and lose passwords, forget the changed password, forget the Microsoft account or while using a second hand laptop without having knowledge about the admin account or passwords.

People might wonder that why should they actually opt for windows recovery password tool. Here are a few reasons that will surely convince you to opt for this password recovery tool. It is quite faster than any other recovery tool since it has thrice the usual speed. It is programmed to not leak the user’s information and it also protects the computer from virus or any damage. The user isn’t in danger of losing their important files due to any unnecessary restarts. It has a 100% recovery rate. It comes in four versions to recover the password. The user is free to choose from any of the four versions. The four versions are standard version, professional version, enterprise version and the ultimate version. They all differ in the functions they offer but all of them guarantee a 100% success rate with safety and ease.

This tenorshare windows password recovery tool is also helpful for local accounts. They can now easily reset the forgotten password using this application. One can also change the password for their Microsoft account or rather the windows live account. They also have the option to set the local administrator account and unlock the PC.


Now the users can also change, recover or reset the domain password for their PC. If someone has hacked the previous account, the user can also create a new domain account. This recovery tool provides two options to its users for a quick password recovery. They are: firstly the user can take up the Quick recovery option. The user has to create a windows password reset disk with a given ISO image which ultimately saves time. Secondly they can go for advanced recovery wizard. In this the user burns a bootable device with a custom made ISO file. An easy step to follow guide is available with that that will help you with the further easy steps to recover the passwords.

This software is easily compatible with various PC brands and windows versions. It also supports various file extensions and hard drives. All the four versions are available for a trial period. If the user is satisfied with the software during the trial period, then they can opt for the purchased one. It is very effective and safe to use.

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