Mobile VS Desktop: Only One Can Survive!!

If we look back at the early 2000’s, it was a very common sight to see a person using the neck straining, cumbersome and a larger than pocket size computer. At that point of time, it still made sense to use those big PC’s but now people are inclining towards smartphones that offer almost all the features what a PC offers. We definitely aren’t glorifying mobile phones here. Every user today will themselves agree to it.

We agree that some mobile phones quote insanely high prices but the features that they come with are actually worth spending. In the Indian market people even get smartphones for just 3000 INR. Is that too much to ask even if they can provide you with various facilities? Simultaneously, prices for PC have also shown a downward trend increasing its fan base, but they still aren’t enough to compete with the Smartphone fan base.

Mobile VS Desktop: Only One Can Survive!!


Imagine on a tiring day the users are given a choice to carry to laptop with them or a Smartphone that offers all those features as well. What do you think he will choose? Definitely a Smartphone, Isn’t it?

But what makes Smartphones stand out in the crowd of gadget world? It is basically the new developments that take place almost every day. Online shopping portals like Myntra and various others have built their mobile applications to serve their huge customer base in a more personalized manner. They have realized the fact that they get their maximum customer base from mobile sites. The main aim of these websites is to serve customers so why not act according to the needs of the customers?

Mobile browsing is much more faster and easier than the desktop browsing. It even uses less data. Today people tend to stay online the entire day and night on various social networking sites. Imagine switching on your laptop every time you want to access Facebook! With mobile applications or mobile browsers it is easier to log in Facebook or twitter whenever and wherever we want to. The sales for desktop computers were showing a downward trend in the year 2014. In the year 2014, the sales grew just around 11% as compared to the year 2013. In the first quarter of 2015, Smartphone ownership took a step ahead as almost 80% of the users used smartphones to access the internet.

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The main argument to support for a PC which we can see today is just the interface it provides. Keyboard still seems the best viable option to put in lot of information. Some tasks still cannot be performed on a 5 inch display screen. As per the trend we see in the past decade it is very clear that mobile developers have been consistently developing new ideas to make them the best competitor for the PC’s. Soon this problem will also have a solution.

It is pretty clear that the need to buy desktop PC’s will be growing very slim. Let’s imagine that our Smartphone was our very own PC. It meant actually carrying an extremely light weight PC with us everywhere. With Smartphones the power of ubiquity comes in. The best part is ducking stations. People can simply plug there Smartphones to a speaker or any other device and enjoy the experience. Smartphones are smaller, faster and efficient. Though we won’t say that in the near future the desktop computers will completely die out, but given the technological progress we have seen, anything can be expected.

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