How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer?

The Apple iPhone is one of the most common and the most efficient communication devices of today’s generation. Apart from its great operating system, great application, amazing built and blazing fast hardware, the camera performance is something that sets the iPhone apart from the competitors. Even though the camera on the iPhone may sound too inferior to current competition in paper, the performance and results given out by the camera on the iPhone is superb and can compete with any of the Smartphone competitors released currently. The camera performance of all the latest iPhone models such as the iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5 and even the old generation iPhone 4s have all been critically acclaimed.

However, what keeps the iPhone users from clicking each and every moment of their life and storing them is indeed the limited storage space that the iPhone has. Even though the Apple iPhone comes in different storage options, the unavailability of a MicroSD card slot for storage expansion is indeed a great disadvantage.

Mobikin Assistant for iOS

Even though you can solve the storage issue by backing up your photos to your computer using iTunes, it is not the ideal solution, as it just takes a compressed backup of your photos which cannot be shared to any other devices or cannot be accessed even from the computer as well. And if you are just not satisfied with iTunes in backing up the content on your iPhone to your computer, then the Mobikin Assistant for iOS can help you out to transfer photos from iPhone to computer

Using this software you can ideally transfer any type of content including movies, books, photos, playlists etc. from your iPhone to your computer or Mac easily. The transferring process is quick and simply too. You only need to connect your iPhone to your Windows PC or Mac, run the software, select the photos that you wish to export to your computer and then click the Export button. And all your selections will be saved to your computer or Mac in just in a matter of minutes.

Below is how you can transfer Photos from your iPhone to your PC or Mac:

1. First of all, install and run the program on your PC or Mac.

2. Connect your iPhone to the PC or Mac.

3. From the panel to your left, choose the “Photos” option and select from the list of photos stored in your iPhone.

4. Next, click on the Export button to start transferring the selected photos to your computer. After exporting you can open the Export Folder to check the exported files.

5. You can also click on the Advanced menu and then choose Options if you wish to change the folder in which you wish to store the photos you are transferring from your iPhone to your Windows PC or Mac before you click to begin the transferring procedures.

And you’re done. You have now successfully completed transferring the photos from your iPhone to your Windows PC or Mac easily using the Mobikin Assistant for iOS

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