How to Setup Dual-Boot Android on Your iPhone

Now that you have been a rightful owner of iPhone for last few years you might actually get bored with it and you would actually want to switch to Android Phones due to its flexibility that you can use on your Android Phone but the real hurdle is that you don’t want to change your handset as all of your wonderful memories are with that iPhone so the question of leaving it does not even arise.


Now if I tell you that you will be able to boot an Android Operating System into your iPhone will you believe it?? You would certainly say no but I can assure you that if you read this article to the end you will not only believe that but you yourself will be able to Dual-Boot Android OS on your iPhone.

So here we will have a detail tutorial that will let you dual-boot your Android OS on your iOS or your iPhone.

Dual-Boot Android OS on Your iPhone:

Yes we all know that we feel bored on using the same device running on the iOS as we would certainly want a little change of a taste with our Smartphone’s and we certainly want to try out little tweaks with the Android Smartphone’s so here you will have to follow the guide that will let you run Android & iOS side by side in your Same iPhone.

But first let us take a detail look on what is this Dual-Boot mean and how can you implement it on your iPhone and use Android on your iOS device.

What does Dual-Boot Android on Your iPhone Mean?

Dual-Boot is a process which enables you to use both the Google’s Android Operating System and the iOS side by side on the same device. So that you will not have to own another device just to gets a device running on another Operating System.

And in this case you will be able boot an Android Operating System on your iPhone so that you will be able to dual-boot and use both the Operating System on the same device.

Apple VS Android

So now to dual-boot you’re Android on your iPhone you will have to follow the steps below.

Steps to Dual-Boot Android on Your iPhone Device:

  1. Jailbreak Your iDevice

First of all you will need to Jailbreak your iPhone we will not go in detail about the Jailbreaking process in this Article as we are here in a different topic of Dual-Booting Android on Your iPhone but Jailbreaking is a simple process that you can do it on your iPhone and for doing it you can use many platform such as Blackra1n, PwnageTool, Redsnow and many more and to do it you just have to follow the instruction given to you on your device.

  1. Install Bootlace in Cydia

Now to do it you will have to launch Cydia from your home screen and next tab on manage button then select Sources on the menu and now tab on edit button and now you will need to add new repository as And you will need to Tab Add source and you will need to wait for few seconds and finally tab on your newly added repository and your Bootlace will be installed on your iPhone.

  1. Launch Bootlace

Now you can leave the Cydia and then come to the home screen and launch your Bootlace but if Bootlace is not there in the home screen menu you can switch off your iPhone and on it again and you should find the Bootlace on your iPhone home screen and now let your Bootlace download and patch the kernel and now when it is done tab on Reboot and wait for your iPhone to reboot.

  1. Download OpeniBoot

Now you will have to launch your Bootlace again and now tab on OpeniBoot button then tab on install to download & install the OpeniBoot on your iPhone using the Bootlace.

  1. Install the iDroid

Now that you have installed OpeniBoot on your device then you will have to tab on iDroid button and tab on Install then click on OK and wait for few seconds until the installation is completed and it will let you use your Android Operating System on your iPhone but it is always advisable to plug in your Charger specially if the amount of battery is less.

  1. Reboot To Use Android

Now that you have downloaded the Android on your iPhone and now you will need to launch the Android Operating System on your iOS to do it you will have to click on Quickboot button in your Bootlace and you have to tab on the Android icon holding an Apple this will ensure that you want to boot your iPhone into an Android Operating System.

Well that’s all you will need know to dual-boot Android on your iPhone and now you will be able to use both the Google’s Android Operating System with iOS on your iPhone side by side.

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