Filmora Video Editor Software from Wondershare Review

If you are one of those guys who love to take videos instead of photos from their mobiles then it looks like you are at the right place! Since you make videos from phone, you can’t be sure that it is perfect every time and to make it perfect you need to edit it with the help of some software, but which one is it?


Now let me tell you, there are almost tons of softwares available to edit videos but only half of them are useful and from the ones which are useful, half of them are too complicated to use! Therefore it is really difficult to find the best one! We recently came across software called Wondershare Filmora (Originally Wondershare Video Editor) which is simply awesome for both; casual and professional videographers and it is referred as the world’s best video editing software available out there in the market!
It was so awesome that we couldn’t resist ourselves from checking it out! And finally we played with it for a few days before writing this review about the Filmora Video editing software.

Note: This is actually an updated version of Wondershare video editor which we’ve reviewed earlier. You just need to update it on your windows PC to get Filmora Video editor.


Filmora Video Editor Software from Wondershare Review

Check out its Video:

Some Features and other things in the Filmora Video Editor Software:

1. Mind-Blowing Effects
Filmora consists a lot of effects which will surely make your video look like an awesome one! Whether you want to create a time lapse video or an HD video, there are effects for almost everything!

User Interface

Some of those effects are mentioned below:

a) HD Effect: With this effect you can increase the quality of your video and make it look crystal clear with some stunning details, and I am telling you it looks amazing!!

b) Speed Control: With the help of this feature you can increase or decrease the speed of the video as you like and it is a great one when you want to show a long process in a short time!

2. User Friendly Interface

The main problem which people usually face is that the interface of the software is pretty complicated and they can’t get it down their head. But with Filmora, I can guarantee you that nothing like that would be ever happening.

3. Advanced Options

Till now we talked about the basic yet good features of Filmora but now it is time to talk about the advanced features. And due to these advanced features, it is a great situation for professional people too. Some of those options are:

a) Picture in Picture: Picture is picture is a feature which is somewhat like layers, with this feature you can add 2 or more videos in the same frame with the help of this feature and it will look like a single video!

b) Flash And Hold: This feature is my personal favorite, with the help of this feature you can blur a part of the video with the fading away effect or the blur effect which will make the video look like it has been shot with a DSLR and will also enhance the importance of the main subject!

c) Scene Detection:

This feature actually detects different video clips & footage’s so you don’t have to waste your time and pay more attention to other stuff.

You can download Wondershare Filmora for free

Final Verdict

This is great software for both, professionals as well as casual videographers. With a simple and easy to understand user interface as well as a great amount of features, this software should be downloaded straight away!

And If you are using a Mac, download “video editor for mac” here!

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