5 Tips for Regular Taxi App Users

Calling for a taxi service via their App is such a piece of mind. It just saves us from the awkward situation of having to talk to a real person and tell them about our journey on the phone.

Just take out your phone and make a few presses and voila, your very own taxi is on its way. You can do without having to talk to your driver about anything, he knows the necessary stuff anyways. But, have you ever wondered what is possible if you tried something new for a change? Although, these tips may not be as useful for people who don’t use taxi services that often but regular travellers will find them interesting.

5 Tips for Regular Taxi App Users

I’ve laid out 5 tips for people who make use of taxi services offered via smartphone apps, read ‘em and I hope you try at least one of them.

5 Tips for Regular Taxi App Users

1) Sit on the front Seat

By just doing this act, you present yourself as a friendly and interesting person. The driver might share his/her personal feelings with you, may be you can help ‘em out on their issues. That is true human behaviour, just make yourself approachable.

2) Start a friendly Conversation

This is something that most people refrain from doing. Actually, it does get a bit weird sometimes to start a conversation. But, just make the move and ask what your driver feels about the weather, or the upcoming presidents. Whatever, just start a conversation and see where it goes as you reach your destination.

3) Offer something

Alright, this might be something too much unconventional for a taxi service, but trust me, it can be a great way to make someone’s day. Its normal human behaviour to perceive someone as kind and friendly when something is offered by them.

4) Compliment the Ride

If you can make even a single positive comment about the car that you are in, you’ll quickly make room for some special treatment. Praise the seat covers, the dashboard flowers, steering wheel colour or whatever that catches your eye.

5) Don’t forget to say thank you

I can understand it’s you who is paying here, but for the sake of being a human, please say thanks for the ride and goodbye. Who knows what hardship the driver might be going through, and your kind words may actually make him feel valued.



All the five points that I stated above might come to you as waste of time. But wait for a second and think, think how will you feel when the same driver comes to pick you up for another ride some another day, with a big genuine smile, welcoming you. Trust me, not all taxi drivers that welcome you with a smile are serial killers, it’s just that you have the tendency to live in a different world. Try getting to know the driver, who knows you might help your grand-dad find his old school friend.

After all, we all are human beings and being social in real life is what gives our lives meaning.

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