Top Apple Announcements Expected from WWDC 2015 today

The Annual Global Developer Conference (WWDC) held by Apple in Cupertino every year, is one of the most-awaited event for Apple fans and gadgets freaks worldwide. It is in this event, that Apple usually showcases its latest software improvements and the next version of Apple’s iOS and Mac operating systems as well.


As every year, there are a lot of speculations on what Apple will actually introduce in their WWDC 2015 keynote session, to the world. Some speculate that a new device may be launched at this event. Even though the WWDC is not exactly a place where you would expect a new device to be launched, it has happened in the past and therefore the possibility of a new Apple product cannot be completely neglected.

If you are also interested to know more about what to actually expect from Apple’s WWDC 2015 event, then today we are here with some a list of the top announcements that are expected at the WWDC 2015 event.


  1. iOS 9:

One of the most expected and probably the most awaited announcement from the WWDC 2015 event is indeed the launch of the latest version of Apple’s iOS operating system supporting the Apple iPhone’s, iPod’s and iPad’s.


We expect a major overhaul to the Apple Maps application to compete directly with Google’s Maps offering. Along with fixes for almost every major bugs and errors found in current iOS 8 operating system, we also expect the next iOS software version to support legacy devices such as the iPhone 4s better than the iOS 8 operating system.

Apple will be improving their “Continuity” feature in the next iOS update, which is so far one of the best features that can be found on Apple’s iOS and Mac operating systems. Also, we do expect Apple to launch their rumored “Proactive” feature, which is so far expected to be a virtual assistant competitor similar to Android’s Google Now.


  1. Beats Music Streaming Service:

Last year, Apple bought Beats Audio for a sum of $3 billion, and ever since then, we have been waiting for Apple to launch a new music streaming service. And at this year’s WWDC event, we finally expect Apple to launch their all new Beats Music streaming service, which will be a big competitor to other music streaming services like Spotify, which is the current best music streaming platform out there.


However, the Beats Music Streaming service won’t be free as Spotify or Pandora. And the expected pricing for Apple’s music streaming service starts from $9.99 a month.


  1. More Supported Countries for Apple Pay:

The Apple Pay is one of the most successful Mobile Payment Solution out there. Within just a year of launch, the Apple Pay is one of the top payment method in the US. And in a wide approach, we finally hope Apple to bring this feature to more Asian and European countries.

Also, to promote the use of Apple Pay even further, Apple is also said to launch a new reward scheme for people who use Apple Pay for purchases.


  1. New Apple TV Service:

We all have been waiting for the launch of Apple’s paid TV service for a long time. We do know that Apple have been working on a television streaming service to remove the cables and cords out of your home. And we are expecting Apple to finally unveil their television streaming service at WWDC 2015.


  1. All New OS X 10.11 Operating System for Mac:

All New OS X 10.11 Operating System for Mac
The Mac is one of the best computer operating system out there. Lately we have seen a lot of new features and user friendly options in the Mac operating system, that makes it quite better than Microsoft’s Windows in competition. And following the trend, we do expect Apple to unveil the next version of their Mac operating system at WWDC 2015, the OS X 10.11 update for Mac.


  1. Updated Apple Watch Software:

Since its launch in January, the Apple Watch has been sold in huge numbers, and it has also been titled the best Smartwatch out there, as expected. Even though the Apple Watch is quite futuristic in terms of looks, software features and of course, pricing, it is not perfect. In fact, there are many improvements that we would like to see in the Apple Watch.

Updated Apple Watch Software

Even though it has not been long since the Apple Watch hit the market, we do expect Apple to bring a new software version to their Apple Watch product. And it is quite important too, to keep up with growing competition with other Smartwatches running the Android Wear operating system.


  1. A Larger Apple iPad Model:

We have been long hearing rumors about a new and bigger iPad Pro being developed by Apple. Even though the WWDC is mainly focused on the software side of things at Apple, we cannot completely avoid the scope of seeing a whole new Apple product being unveiled at the event. The Apple iPad Pro is rumored to be a 12.9 inch iPad variant from Apple that is aimed at better productivity and also to improve the declining tablet sales for Apple as well.

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