Best Rideshare Applications to crowdsource your commute

Commuting in peak hours can be a beast, albeit a consistent one. With the introduction of new ride sharing mobile applications, commuting isn’t that difficult as earlier it was considered to be. With just a few taps on your Smartphone, a user can get access to a taxi at his doorstep according to his convenience. The vehicle provided usually depends on the provider of the taxi service and the user as well. Thus the user can avail the taxi service according to his personal choices, budget and time. Safe experience and friendly drivers are an added advantage.

Best Rideshare Applications to crowdsource your commute

So are you ready for the taxi services through mobile applications?



The user has to send a request to the driver then wait for his affirmation. Meanwhile, the user can also check about the location of the driver and the car model. After the user reaches his desired location, he has the option to rate the driver on the basis of his ride experience. The user is allotted to choice to choose his car from town cars, taxis, executive shuttles, SUVs, limos and party buses as well. They also guarantee no price surge during peak hours.


Uber proved itself to be the best answer to the shameful public transportation in LA. They are catering to almost 35 cities now, taking customer requirements as their top most priority. The passenger requests the rides and the driver locates the potential passenger through GPS locating the passenger’s phone.


It is the taxi service that is based on the principle of rideshare. It is the only taxi service that allows the user as well as the driver to negotiate and choose the location. The driver has the choice whether to pick up the passenger from the required destination or not. It does not have any prerequisite schedule or shifts. They can decide when to ride and how much to ride. The sidecar application is available on the Google play store and apple play store.


It is a Non-profit organization. It basically provides rides to people who have been drinking at the predefined venues. This helps to reduce the accidents due to over consumption of alcohol. They have associations with various bars, local organizations and restaurants. Though at this point of time, driving alliance does not have any mobile application, but users can check their website to know where such cabs can be available.



Lyft is just like uber. This is an on demand taxi service which provides the user with a friendly bunch of drivers. This helps the passenger to enjoy a friendly car ride. At the end of the ride, the driver as well as the passenger can rate each other. This helps drivers as well as the potential passengers for future rides. The application is available for free on apple stores and Google play store as well.

These on demand taxi services are one of the most creative ways to commute in this crazy world.

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