Console vs Android TV gaming? Which is better?

Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox are the two major players in the gaming industry. They are dominating the gaming industry since long time. The latest generation PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are the most advanced consoles from the companies. There are a huge number of games available for these consoles. When it comes to playing games on TV, consoles are the first choice of gamers. But time is now changing, a new type of gaming devices powered by Android are coming to compete with these. Yes, the mobile operating system is now available for different types of devices like Android Wear, Android Auto and Android TV there are suitable for different types of devices but internally they are running Android operating system.

Console vs Android TV gaming

Ouya was the first gaming console running custom version of Android operating system in the year 2012. At $99 it was an affordable gaming console. It was powered by Nvidia Tegra 3 SOC coupled with 1 GB RAM. It came with a gaming controller and can be connected to TV using HDMI cable. Currently there are thousands of games available for Ouya. Unfortunately, there is no access to Google Play Store so you are limited to few number of games. Ouya has a lot of potential to become a successfully gaming console but it did not happen.

Last year Google introduced Android TV, an operating system dedicated to Android based media streaming and gaming devices. Now we have the latest Nvidia Shield Android TV that has main focus on gaming. Nvidia Shield has insanely powerful processor Tegra X1 with 256-core GPU and 3 GB RAM. Shield Android TV comes with 16 GB internal storage and has additional Micro SD card slot. The Pro model has 500 GB internal memory. Additional game controller is available for spice up the gaming experience. Nvidia Shield Android TV runs Android operating system so it supports many popular Android games and mobile games. Some of them are also available on Google Play Store. You can stream 4k content from Netflix, YouTube and other sources and watch on your 4K TV. With the controller, powerful chipset and plenty of on board storage, Nvidia Shield Android TV is turning to be a great PlayStation and Xbox competitor.

If you are in the market for a new gaming device then, which is best for you? Actually it depends on your priorities. If gaming is your first priority you might consider PlayStation or Xbox over Nvidia Shield as high quality game selection on Android is still in early stage. But if you prefer media consumption first then casual gaming, you should get Nvidia Shield Android TV. It has user friendly operating system that can be controlled by voice, all popular media streaming apps like Netflix are available. It can output 4k resolution which is not available from PlayStation or Xbox. The situation will be different after some time when we will have more Android games designed for these gaming devices. It will be interesting to see which device will dominate the gaming market after couple of years. The future is definitely looking promising.

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