ASUS ZenPower 10,050mAh Power Bank Review

Along with the popular ZenFone 2 Smartphone, ASUS, the Taiwanese company, has launched a few mobile accessories as well that includes an ASUS ZenPower Power bank as well. In such a miniscule factor, it packs around 10,050 mAh battery. The Power bank is available in various colors like black, blue, golden, pink and silver and priced at INR 1499. Though compared to its counterparts, Asus Zenpower Power Bank sounds a bit expensive but the developers claim that every penny spent on it is worth it.


During the launch of the Asus Zenpower Power Bank, Arnold Su, who is the product manager of mobile phone accessories of Asus India, said that, “The Asus Zenpower Power bank not only superlative functions, but also concentrates on the aesthetic aspects. The protective aluminum cover gives the power bank an attractive and cool look while maintaining safety. It also adds to the ergonomic feel in it. The power bank has a luxurious look in total.” Let’s see whether the claims are really true or not.

It is exclusively available on Asus showrooms as well as the Ecommerce website FlipKart. The box comes with a power bank device, a detailed user guide and a USB to micro USB charging wire. The power bank weighs around 215 grams. It is a bit smaller than the Xiaomi Mi Power Bank. It can charge smartphones and tablets according to their mAh capacity. Like a Smartphone with battery capacity of 1500 mAh can be charged 4 times, a 2000 mAh capacity Smartphone can be charged thrice, 2500 mAh capacity battery can be charged 2.5 times and 3000 mAh can be charged twice completely. The case for tablets is similar. A tablet with 4000 mAh battery capacity can be charged 1.5 times and the case goes on so on.


The model is compact and easy to handle with one hand. It is almost the size of a credit card. It has rounded bezels and quite smooth aluminum exterior. By weighing 215 grams, it is lighter than the OnePlus Power bank but in many cases the latter was found to be more ergonomic. It comes with a solid body with a cool rugged look factor on the exterior. The customers can also choose to buy a silicone protective sleeve for the power bank to ensure safety from scratches. It has two ports one USB output and other micro USB for charging. It also comes with a Battery indicator LED’s so that the user can avoid various problems such as overcharging and overheating. It is protected with 11 fine layers of protection and an additional layer of tactile toughness which is smooth to touch and protects the Asus Zenpower Power bank from scratches or damages due to fall. It comes with a one year manufacture warranty as well. The device is installed with Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. It also has a power switch and a micro USB port for charging devices. The ports it offers for charging are one for USB output and other for micro USB.


The Competitors of Asus Zenpower Power bank like the OnePlus power bank and the Huawei Honor power bank have 2 USB output ports which is a major drawback for the Asus Zenpower Power bank. It has a sensor in it which automatically detects when a device is attached to it and the battery starts to charge. It also intelligently cuts the flow of current once the device is completely charged.

As far as the performance is concerned, an optimized battery was able to charge the devices rapidly. The time taken to charge the devices was pretty same as the OnePlus power bank. A 20% loss in the battery power is considered normal as all the other power banks have the same amount of battery loss after charging. So as far as the performance is considered in the Asus Zenpower Power bank, it stands true to its words. Another feature that was noticeable while checking the Asus power bank was that the power bank does not heats up easily even after charging three devices continuously with it. The power safe technology in the Asus Zenpower power bank monitors the temperature of the device, voltages of the input and output mechanism and also guards it against any kind of short circuits providing the device with maximum safety.


If one compares the Asus Zenpower power bank and the OnePlus power bank, they both have similar battery life but both the power banks differ in style and design. For a common user, the Asus Zenpower power bank sounds a bit expensive as almost all the features are being offered by the OnePlus power bank as well. But for a consumer who is a bit fashion conscious, they will prefer the Asus Zenpower power bank as it comes in various vibrant colors with aluminum finish to it. It is also a compact power bank for the people who love to travel. It has the most sleek and compatible design in the market today.

Buy Asus ZenPower 10,050mAh Power Bank only from Flipkart.

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