FotoJet- Online Collage Maker REVIEW

There are no shortages of photo editing tools out there. There are a lot of photo editing tools available across all devices out there and both offline and online. However, many of those editing tools require advanced skills to bring out the best edit works on your photos.

If you want to edit a photo of your’s with minimum effort, but in an appreciable way, then the best online solution for your need is Fotojet. A website that lets you edit your photos and then create collages, card and so on easily. Fotojet is one of the best free online collage maker available out there.

Fotojet is a very user friendly solution for your photo editing needs, and is developed by PearlMountain Technology Co. Using Fotojet you can create photo card, create collage using the collage maker or even make posters using the poster maker feature.


Getting started with Fotojet is also as easy as it sounds. Log on to their website at and then quickly kick off by choosing a template from the collection of over 190 templates that suits best for creating photo cards, collages and even posters. Once you choose the template, then you have the full freedom in choosing whichever photos you want to make appear in the picture you are creating and also openly customize your collage according to your liking.

Moreover, once you have completed editing your photo, you can save it in either JPG or PNG formats, or else even share it on Facebook instantly from the editor itself!

If you are interested in knowing more about the list of features that Fotojet provides to its users, then you must be pretty happy as there are quite a lot of them. And below are some of the main feature highlights that users can find on Fotojet for free:

  1. Fotojet features a very neat drag and drop functionality which makes it easier for users to place in your uploaded photo, wherever you want during editing it.
  2. Other neat functionalities offered by the online Fotojet editor include the ability to zoom in and out of the photo along with other convenient options such as to flip or rotate your photo, so that you get the perfect collage that you were always dreaming about.
  3. Moreover, Fotojet also features great integration with social media’s so that you can instantly share the collage or poster you have created with your friends online, and does not require you to first download the picture and then upload it to your social media profile separately. Also, there are options to either email the picture after editing, or even to print them, if you would like to keep a hard copy as a memory.

Final Words:

As mentioned in the intro, there are a lot of photo editing tools out there that may provide some of the functionality that Fotojet gives to its users. However, the main advantage of Fotojet over its competitors is mainly its clean and easy to use interface and heavy set of features that makes Fotojet everyone’s favorite photo editing tool.

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