How to Use Social Media to Improve your Blog Web Traffic

Creating exceptional content has always been what writing a blog is all about; however, if you are writing and hoping that the quality of your content alone is going to draw people to your site, you need to think again. There are easy ways, though, to make your blog more visible through properly engaging your social media base.

Social Promotion is an Integral Part of the Process

Every time you publish a new post on your blog, you should not only be promoting it on social media, but you should include a link back to the new post (or landing page). Not only does this promotion cycle help to drive traffic from your own Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ account to your blog, but people within your social media network can ‘like’ it and share it and then the reach increases to their social network as well. You can see how this base can begin to grow very quickly. For more information on the benefits of Social Media promotion see the Forbes article “The Top 10 Benefits of Social Media Marketing”.

How to Use Social Media to Improve your Blog Web Traffic

How to Grow a More Targeted Social Media Base

It’s not as difficult as you think and really doesn’t require any tricks, but the best way to grow your social base will require a couple of tools. If you’d like to keep track of how your social network is responding to your content, then you will want to use a Social CRM tool like Brand Embassy’s social media monitoring hive, which integrates comments and feedback from all social media platforms and digital channels into one organized location. This way you can see what everyone is saying about your blog and be able to respond to them, as well as generate new ideas for fresh content. It also uses analytics software to show you how each platform is performing and allows you to further filter data into refined groups or specified discussions

How to use your Social Media Base to create a Blog Brand Image

Once you are on top of what people are saying or how they are responding to your blog, you can better understand what their interests are and create content that is targeted to this specific reader base. The more you cater to this base and address their concerns, the more readers are likely to follow your blog and share posts, which in turn increases your web visibility and readership base. Once you have this ‘brand image’ established, it will be easier for you to further market your blog to drive up web traffic. For further marketing tips, see our 5 great goodies to market your blog post.

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