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Today, a virtual private network or VPN is of great potential for people who spend a lot of time online. A VPN connection makes your web browsing anonymous and thus keeps any of the official or personal information stored in your device that is easily accessible, away from any kind of hackers, government organizations or even websites simply tracking your online activity for their benefits.


Well, choosing a VPN service should not be a tough job as well. There are a lot of VPN services available out there under various pricings favoring different people. However, if you are interested in purchasing a customer friendly VPN service that offers all basic and necessary features and at the same time does not cost a fortune, then “Trust.Zone” is the best such VPN service provider that will suit you the best.

And to help you make a better choice on whether you should opt for the Trust.Zone VPN service, today we are here with a honest and detailed review about the VPN service provided by Trust.Zone.


Why Trust.Zone VPN?

Well, with a lot of VPN service options available out there, what really makes Trust.Zone VPN service stand out?

Below are some of the features that we think makes Trust.Zone VPN service really stand out of the crowd:

  • Cross-Platform Support: One of the main features of any VPN should be that it allows you to make use of its service across all the devices you own, with just a single account and not make you purchase different accounts to use VPN on all your devices. And Trust.Zone VPN service makes sure that you get all of their features across all the devices you own. Trust.Zone supports almost every operating systems out there like Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone.
  • Ultimate Securing over your Web Activity: One of the most basic features of any VPN service should be that it makes sure that your identity is safe and anonymous in the online world. And the Trust.Zone VPN client does just that, like a BOSS! It prevents any tracking cookies from accessing your data or knowing your location and identity and also blocks your ISP from tracking your move as well.
  • Blazing Fast Speeds and Unlimited Bandwidth: With over 33 servers spread in 21 countries, Trust.Zone makes sure that you do not lose any of your browsing speeds even if you are browsing through a VPN network. Also, unlike many other VPN clients out there, Trust.Zone VPN provides you with unlimited bandwidth so that you can stream content from services like Netflix and Hulu, wherever it is blocked, all the time.


How Much Does Trust.Zone VPN Service Cost?


Trust.Zone VPN provides members with the flexible plans handling different types of customers. The three service plans that the company currently provides are as follows:

  1. $47.88 for a 1 year license. [$3.99 per month]
  2. $35.94 for 6 month license. [$5.99 per month]
  3. $7.99 for monthly license.


Final Words:

If you are still confused on whether to purchase this VPN service or not – go to Trust.Zone VPN download page and try 5 days free trial version first.

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