Tricks to Make you an Apple Music Master

Considering on whether should I sell my iPhone ?

Well, you should not. As iOS became a lot better with the latest iOS 9 update and of course, the latest Apple Music, music streaming service. And if you are not very comfortable with using the Apple Music service on your device, then today we are here with a list of the top tricks which will make you an Apple Music master, thus giving you a better experience with Apple’s music streaming service.
Now Apple Music is here and you won’t have to sell iPhone if you are doing so.


  1. Follow or Unfollow your favorite Curators and Artists:

The Connect feature available in the Apple Music service has a very large database of profiles of musicians whom might be your favorite as well. If you are interested in following the latest music and other updates from your favorite artists, you can follow them. And if you find that you are following some uninteresting people, you can Unfollow yourself from their updates by navigating to their Connect Profile and tapping the Unsubscribe button.


  1. Fill up your Library with Music:

There are millions of tracks currently available in the Apple Music service. Hearing one of your favorite songs and then waiting for it to randomly pop up doesn’t make sense. Therefore, once you find your favorite tracks, you can easily add up to your own Apple Music library.

For every song, album or playlist available in the Apple Music library, there is “More” option, where it will ask you whether you would like to the music to your library. Simply click on the “Add to my Music” option and you are done.


  1. Download your favorite tracks to listen Offline!

One of the best features of Apple Music is that you can also download your favorite tracks to listen them later offline, which completely makes sense as you won’t always be connected to the Internet. Again click on the “More” option next to your favorite artist or track and choose the “Make Available Offline” option to download a cache file of the track to your device and then listen them whenever you feel to.


  1. Suggest Apple to display music according to your taste:

Everyone out there has their own music taste. So it is practical to give your music streaming service a sense of what all type of music you prefer. And with Apple Music you can do exactly that. Once you register for your Apple Music service, you can tap on your Apple Music account avatar and then select the “Choose Artists for You” option. Then you can select the genres of music you prefer and then get music and artist suggestions based on your tastes.


  1. Discover newly released Music:

Apple Music’s database has millions of songs, which does not mean that you listen to songs that you already have listened before. Apple Music also features new and exclusive music titles, which you can go through from the “New” section, and then hear to newly released and trending music out there and be the one suggesting your friends with new music.

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