Facebook To Allow 7-Second Looping Video As Profile Picture

Facebook is always looking for ways to increase user engagement on their site. To increase this, they try to add extra elements and features on the site to make it look more interesting and appealing to their users. Facebook introduced some new features today, which includes adding a 7 second video as your profile picture. There are more features announced by Facebook, like the placement of profile picture in the center of the screen on Smartphone Apps, temporary profile picture and 100 word bio with better visibility to viewers.


All these new updates are currently rolling out and will be restricted to use only by individual users. The page owners will not be able to experience these features. When twitter allowed auto-play videos and Snapchat introduced animated selfie lenses, Facebook had a pressure on them to do something new and more interesting. It is clear that this feature from Facebook is going to appeal users.


To get these features for your profile, you have to update Facebook’s smartphone app. To change the profile picture with a 7 second video, you have to click on the “Shoot” icon on your current profile picture and start recording the 7-second video. The uploaded 7-second video will run in the loop for the users who will see it.

Another interesting feature introduced by Facebook is a temporary profile picture. With this feature, you can set any profile picture for a certain amount of time. After completion of time, it will be reverted to the old profile picture. Also, placement of the profile picture is changed in the middle of the screen from Smartphone app.

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