Meet the man who exploited Flipkart’s return policy looting 20 Lakh

Indian e-commerce websites doesn’t deliver products in some parts of India, even when there are many shipping options are available for that location. The main reason behind this refusal of shipping product to certain location is getting duped by customers. Indian E-commerce websites like Flipkart and Amazon doesn’t deliver products in certain parts of India where they faced higher duping rate. Now, the E-commerce giant, Flipkart was duped by a person who lives in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh for approximately INR 20 lakh

hyderababd man exploited Flipkart's return policy looting 20 Lakh

Veera Swamy, who lives in Vanasthalipuram, Hyderabad duped Flipkart by using their return guarantee in the wrong way. Allegedly, he brought numerous items from Flipkart, and after delivery, he returned this products saying that “wrong item received”. After complaining to Flipkart customer care and initiating the return process, he returned boxes filled with wood, stones and biscuits.

Reportedly, Swamy has many Flipkart accounts with names of his friends, neighbours and relatives. He has ordered over 200 items from Flipkart in the span of 20 Months in the name of his friends, neighbors and fake names. He repeated this tactic many times. This malpractice from Veera Swamy has costed Flipkart INR 20 Lakhs in the loss.

This duping happened many times with Indian e-commerce websites. After experiencing a higher number of product returns with fake items, Flipkart and Amazon India stopped delivering products worth more than INR 10,000 to the customers in Uttar Pradesh. They applied the same method in some other highly sensitive areas like Ghaziabad and Noida.

Many times, it was happening that Courier delivery guys were locked and beaten up by the customers. So, courier companies never deliver products in such areas to avoid any further losses.

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