10 Best New Features in Android 6.0 Marshmallow

At the recently held event where Google unveiled two new Nexus smartphones, a new tablet and two new variants of the Chromecast, we also saw the first glimpse of the Android Marshmallow as the two new smartphones run on this version of Android OS.
Some 10 New Features on Android 6.0 Marshmallow
This new version of Android brings in a lot of new features and we are going to talk about 10 of them today.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow: 10 new features

1. Google Now Launcher:

With the option to tweak the Google Now Launcher to choose the animations and to rotate the home screen, the Google Now Launcher has been made faster with the predictive app suggestions and faster alphabet scrolling. The menu now also features vertical scrolling.

2. App Permissions:

Each passing year, every new version of Android brings out new tweaks and gives us the control of more and more permissions and the 6.0 is no different.
When you install an app, the app asks for certain permissions and is installed only after you allow it permissions. However, there was no way you could change these permissions. With the Android 6.0,you can modify these permissions at any time by heading to the Settings menu

3. Flex Storage:

This function allows you to use the external storage on your device such as the SD card as the phones on board storage. This means you can now install apps on you SD card without having to root your phone.

4. Chrome Custom Tabs:

This function on the new Android 6.0 will now allow websites to add buttons directly to the chrome tab that will give it a custom look depending on the website you’re currently using.
This also means when you click on a link in an app such as whole browsing your social networking feed, the link will open in Chrome inside the app.

5. Doze:

This feature senses the physical activity of your phone and if it detects the phone has been left unused for a specific period of time, it temporarily kills the battery eating apps while you’re not using your phone. With the new USB type-C on both the new Nexus devices and the Doze feature the battery life on these two will surely be amazing.

6. Uninstall Pre-Loaded Apps:

With a new smartphone come may pre-installed apps on the smartphone that many people find of no use and the worst part is that you cannot even delete these apps without rooting your phone. Well, now you can. Google has decided to cut on the number of pre-installed apps and now also provides the option to uninstall them on the Android 6.0.

7. Google Now on Tap:

This new feature really integrates the Google Now search assistant into your phone for real.
You can now just launch the Google Now assistant through a tap and it will automatically pick up what you’re reading on your screen or what you’re listening to and will display search results accordingly.

8. Nexus Imprint:

With the two new Nexus devices we have seen the fingerprint sensor appear for the first time in the Nexus range of devices. Nexus Imprint, as Google is calling it adds another layer or security to your smartphone. You can also lock individual apps with your fingerprint.

9. Better Word Selection:

Better Word Selection Android Marshmallow
Now, Android 6.0 will let you select individual letter at a time as you slide the handle instead of selecting the whole word. Once you select the text, you will have a floating toolbar right above the selected text instead of the standard action bar at the top or bottom.

10. Better Volume Control:

Better Volume Control Android Marshmallow
With the criticism that Google faced for the mistakes made with the volume control in Android Lollipop, the volume control in this version of Android has been improved drastically.

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