Twitter launches Moments to track trending stories in real time

The popular Micro-Blogging website Twitter, has launched a New Tab named as ”Moments”. In this Tab, Twitter users can check Best of What’s Happening on Twitter and News Around the world. This tab will give you real-time updates of world-wide events and news. A user can easily access the ”Moments” tab and get all word-wide events and stories that are trending on Twitter. The micro-blogging website announced about this feature in latest blog post.


In ‘Moments’ tab, you can see the best conversations, trending topics, trending tweets and many other interesting things. When you tap on the ”Moments” tab, you’ll be able to check latest updates which will be updated throughout the day by Twitter team. Currently, Twitter ‘Moments’ tab is showing content from premium partners such as NASA, Mashable, BuzzFeed, Vogue, New York Times and the Washington Post. Also, Twitter team is collecting some trending topics and updating the ‘Moments’ tab.


With Full screen image, GIF’s, Vines and Auto-play videos, Your ‘Moments’ Tab will be filled with lots of trending topics and world-wide news. With a single Tap, a Twitter user can see the tweet in full screen and reply, retweet and Favorite the tweet.

Twitter ‘Moments’ Tab will be updated very frequently. You can get updates from ‘Moments’ tab to your news feed. This feature can be enabled from ‘Moments’ tab itself. It will be helpful for getting every information about any event or sports competition, where getting every single piece is important. Currently, Twitter ‘Moments’ tab is available for the users residing in USA and can be accessed from Android smartphones, iOS App and Desktop.

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