Cyanogen Rolling out 12.1 update for YU YUREKA and YUREKA Plus

The 12.1 final build has started rolling out for YUREKA and YUREKA Plus. While there are host of enhanced features in this update and here is quick view of the top 4 features


What’s more fabulous in 12.1!!!!

  • Smarter Screen: LiveDisplay intelligently adjusts your screen based on environmental conditions
  • Calendar Together with Email: Enjoy the latest Boxer powered experience where you can seamlessly share your availability and schedule appointments
  • Redesigned Launcher: App Drawer and Folders have been redesigned for one-handed use
  • Fresh AudioFX: The user interface has been updated for consistency across all devices


Read some interesting usage of the new features in details-

  1. Live Display: Now your favorite smartphone comes with smarter screen which is more responsive to environmental conditions. Thus better readability in sunlight & lesser screen light during night With LiveDisplay, your phone intelligently adjusts the light spectrum coming through your screen based on the time of day. In bright sunlight, the contrast and saturation is increased for readability, and at night the screen reduces the stimulating effect of blue light so as to not disrupt your sleep and/or affect your circadian rhythm. It also doesn’t hurt that the hardware acceleration in LiveDisplay enhances your performance and battery life.
  1. Calendar integrated with emails- Powered by Boxer, the new and improved calendar integration creates a seamless experience between your email accounts and calendars. By letting you sync from multiple sources, including Gmail and Exchange, all your meetings and events appear in one calendar, so you’ll never miss a meeting or party. What’s even cooler is now you can schedule appointments right from an email. That means no more time wasted toggling between your calendar and email. Just share your availability with one tap using the “send availability”  option.
  1. Redesigned Launcher- The redesigned UI for the folders and app drawer streamlines the user experience by focusing on one-handed-use. The new design also reduces visual clutter, enabling you to find what you’re looking for faster
  1. Audio FX UI Updated- With a clean design and straightforward UI that’s now consistent across all of our devices—plus the 24-bit High-Res Lossless Audio and 13 preset configurations our users know and love—AudioFX continues to help audiophiles get the best possible sound from their audio.

This update will also bring superior performance and amazing thermal control to your YUREKA and YUREKA Plus.


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