5 New technologies To Watch Out For At CES 2016

With the CES 2016 right around the corner, there’s a lot of anticipation about who’ll be there and what all will you get to see. While we cant be sure about the products that will be launched there, here is a list of 5 technologies that would be crowd gatherers for sure:


Emotive robots

To put it simply, emotive robotics is a complicated system of sensors and devices that recognize, interpret, process and simulate elements of human behaviour. A very good example of emotive robotics would be Jibo which received widespread acclaim as the first family robot. Emotive robots could aggregate the Internet of Things sensors and serve as the central processing unit of the home.

Virtual reality

We all know about the VR campaigns going on around the world and everybody is in a race to make VR enabled headsets commercially available to customers. While that may look like a distant dream, other services like Go-Pro’s 360 videos on their website, YouTube channel and Google’s cardboard program certainly show where we’re heading. This is something we’re pretty sure will make its way to the CES 2016.

Holographic computing

Also known as mixed reality, holographic computing is a new form of augmented reality that lets you interact with digital overlays that appear in the real world around them. AR could sure lead the way in the coming years seeing the trend shifting from the usual to the more real looking AR and VR. So be prepared to see holographic computing at the CES 2016.

Flexible displays

We have been listening about flexible displays for a very long time now but it wasn’t until last year that we actually got to see some. The LG G Flex 2 featured last year at the CES 2015 and made quite a fuss. Flexible displays could be the next big thing to come. Thinking of it, you can have displays that can roll up or bend of fold the way you want them to. If we have the right hardware to go with it, we can soon have flexible smartphones and tablets too.

Gesture based interface

We have been seeing smart watches around for quite some time now but they have merely been serving as secondary devices that work in close association with your smartphones or other devices. This leaves us with a lot of possibilities to explore in this field. A device as simple as a ring powered with IoT could make our lives so much easier. For example, you could change channels on your TV or change the temperature on your AC without having to touch any device. This again makes gesture based technology a probable crowd gainer at the CES 2016.

Source: VentureBeat

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