Web Of Trust (WOT) Browser Extension Review

Most of the work we do these days is done on our gadgets, mainly our laptops and computers and smartphones and a great deal of that work involves is surfing or simply accessing the Internet. If not for our work, we’re dependent on the Internet otherwise too for too many things. Internet has become a part of our lives and there’s no denying it.

Web of Trust
Now when you spend a great deal of your time on the Internet, you wouldn’t want to visit a malicious or fraud website that can cause potential harm to you financially or personally and while most websites on the Internet are nothing to be scared of, we still have a lot of malicious and fraud websites that can access your personal and financial data.
If you too are concerned about your personal and financial safety, you’ve come to the right place. We’re today talking about WOT aka Web of Trust. Now this might sound like an anonymous group of Internet users up for a cause or something but a simple web browser extension, a Chrome extension to be more specific.

Warning Screen
WOT is a small extension you can install on your Chrome web browser and in turn the extension will simply protect you from all the malicious websites. Now it can’t actually protect you from these websites but what it can do is mark a website as malicious and warn you about one when you’re clicking a link that will lead you to that website. The add0on does this with the help of ratings and reviews it gathers from users worldwide.

Search Results

WOT not just works when you’re about to click open a link, it also works when you perform a web search and a list of websites are listed on your screen. Each website will be rated and a symbol will be displayed next to the website listing its reputation which again will be based on user reviews and ratings. The symbol is a small ring with colors varying from dark green to red. The dark green indicates a rating of Excellent which means that the website is perfectly safe to open while red indicated very poor which means that most users who have visited this website have given it a bad rating. If a white or colorless ring appears, this indicated that the website has not been rated yet.

Reputation Icons

The extension which seems to be a pretty useful can be added to your Chrome web browser for free from the Chrome app store and with over 140,000,000 downloads you can be pretty sure of its ratings too.

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