ZAGG Invisible Shield Glass for iPhone 6/6s Review

iPhone 6 is one of the best smartphones we have in the market these days and it doesn’t come cheap. With the hefty price tag, you wouldn’t want any mishap to happen with your iPhone and one of the best ways to make sure of that is to use a screen protector to protect its screen. If you’re looking for a good screen protector for your iPhone 6, you’ve come to the right place as today we will be reviewing the Invisible Shield Glass. So let’s get to it.

ZAGG Invisible Shield Glass for iPhone 6

ZAGG offers you three interesting options to protect your iPhone 6. These three screen protectors, namely the Original, HDX and the Glass.

ZAGG Invisible Shield Family

Lets talk about three in brief.

The Original Glass is a pretty standard protective glass for your phone. I wouldn’t really call it a glass since the surface doesnt exactly resemble that of glass but nevertheless it serves the purpose of protecting your phone really well. The glass offers 93% clarity and is 100% scratch proof. It also protects your phone screen from shattering though it is not as shatter proof as the other two glasses.

HDX Glass stands true to its name as it offers 2-way privacy to your phone. Not only that, it offers 100% scratch and shatter protection. This one feels totally like glass and is almost unnoticcable on your phone. This one is also better than the Original glass in terms of clarity at 99%. Other than this, the HDX glass also imcorporates the EZ-Apply Tabs technology which makes applying the glass a kids job.

Last but not the least, the Glass offers the best protection for your mobile screen. On top of that, it also serves as a two-way mirror on top of your screen which increases the visibility to a great extent. The Mirror glass also blends in quite well with the screen of your device and also offers shatter and scratch protection. You can also apply the glass yourself, thanks to the EZ-Apply Tabs technology. One feature that however caugjht our attention is that the mirror glass offers 100% clarity.

ZAGG Invisible Shield Glass for iPhone 6 Review

Now To begin with the review, the Invisible Shield Glass is barely noticable on your iPhone 6. At just 0.4 mm thick, the glass blends right into the screen. Someone who doesn’t already know the glass is there won’t be able to notice it most of the times. Now once you have the glass delivered at your doorstep, you dont have to take it to a specialist to apply it. All you need to do is clean your device screen, align the glass and just let it set and it really is that simple.

Check out the video by ZAGG team to know how you can easily apply the glass on your iPhone 6 :

Once the glass is on your device screen, it serves the purpose of protecting your device’s screen pretty well. The Glass is completely scratch resistant and we can vouch you for that. We even purposely tried scratching it with some common objects like keys but not single scratch was to be seen. On top of that, the glass is coated with a hygrophobic nano-coating which means that it repels oil. So cleaning the glass is just a wipe away. The glass is pretty tough too. I dropped my phone a couple of times, once even face down but neither the glass nor my screen suffered any damage.

Unlike most protective glasses, this one’s not noticable at all. This is due to its unbelievable thickness and also the 100% clarity that it offers. You wont notice any loss in brightness or the screen’s clarity with this glass on top of it.

ZAGG Invisible Shield Glass

If you’re planning to get it for you iPhone 6 Plus or the iPhone 6S Plus, no need to worry as the Invisible Shield Glass is also 3D Touch friendly. The glass transmits the pressure you apply on it to the screen very efficiently allowing you to take full advantage of your phone’s features. As if this was not enough, Zagg offers lifetime warranty if the glass shows any sign of wear or tear. You will get a replacement even if you drop your device and the glass breaks. So there’s no end to the protection this glass provied to your device.

A 30-day money refund policy also is in place if you’re not satisfied with the protective glass. All these features contribute to over 99 million such glasses being sold over the globe. So if you were looking for a protective glass for your iPhone 6, we really suggest you try this one out from Zagg.


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