GetResponse VS Campaigner | Comparison

The above mentioned names are not uncommon for you. It is also possible that you are using one of them or. But if you don’t use it already, we are sure that you are willing to buy one of them that suits well for your business. This is the reason why you are reading this comparison article. Right?

Get Response VS Campaigner

Well, you are confused which one – Either GetResponse of Campaigner is good for you. To fight off your confusion, we are comparing the features and working both email marketing tools. So that you get an idea that what is going to suit you best.


You own and run a business so, I am pretty much sure that you try all your best to develop harmonious relationship with your customers. For that purpose, you should try email marketing. Yes, I am talking about email marketing tool which is used by almost every online business all over the globe. They use email marketing tool to send emails regarding their new product or about an upcoming event to their customers. Moreover, the actual or the prime purpose of using an email marketing tool is to connect a business with their customers.

When you have a good relationship with your customers, they will not hesitate to contact you and tell about the drawbacks of your product. Instead of collecting reviews, you can have them in their purest form from the customers directly. After that, you may work on your product to make it better. They may also come and appreciate your effort which will make you feel valuable. So, the companies are using email marketing tool to have appreciable and nice relationship with their customers which will benefit them in the long run.

In this article, I will be telling you about two of the best email marketing tools used all over the world and that is; GetResponse & Campaigner. I will be discussing about the differences in their features, the options they have, and many more. This will help you to decide which on is better and which one you should not use for your business.


Firstly, I will introduce you with GetResponse and Campaigner.

  • GetResponse is an email marketing tool which was developed about 15 years ago. Their sole purpose is to provide outstanding quality for the issues related with online marketing so that companies do not face difficulty in running and growing their businesses.
  • Campaigner is also an email marketing tool and the prime reason of their development is to deliver the most relevant messages to the most appropriate audience at the right time. They try to create the best relationship between companies and their customers.


Let’s talk about the users’ base of GetResponse and Campaigner which will tell us about the credibility of these two email marketing tools.

  • In a segment of Datanyze Universe, the number of websites that use GetResponse is 24,722. In one more segment, almost 2,178 of Alexa top 1M websites use GetResponse.
  • However, in the first segment of Datanyze Universe, almost 209 websites are currently using Campaigner. In the second segment, named Alexa top 1M, the number of websites that are availing the feature of Campaigner are just 44. This tells us the credibility of the two email marketing tools. 

Now I will tell you about the market share of these two email marketing tools so that you may identify the market leader.

  • The market share of GetResponse is 99.2% of the entire market. Wow! This ends the debate of market leader as this email marketing tool has taken most of the market.
  • It is very easy to understand the market share or the reputation of Campaigner and that is just 0.08% of the total market. This figure, itself, is enough to tell the whole story, but we are going to proceed further.

This is going to tell us the people`s or the customer`s perspective. Ratings are given by the customers and they try to tell others how much they like the product or the service.

  • GetResponse is rated 8.2 out of 10, by those who have availed its facilities. In the other words, GetResponse has more than 4 stars out of 5. I am quite sure that these facts are going to impact your decision.
  • When we talk about Campaigner, it is rated 6 out of 10. The stars it has are just 3 out of 5.


We all know the importance of pricing as it is a part of the promotion mix. Right pricing can bring many customers to the company and, unfortunately, the wrong pricing may take away their regular customers too.

  • GetResponse has 4 packages for its customers. The list size is from 2,500 to more than 100,000 emails per month and they charge $25 to $799 per month, respectively.


  • Campaigner offers to its users 1,000 to 100,000 emails per month. They charge $19.95 to up to $549 per month, respectively.

This shows that both the tools have almost the same pricing policy. But I would say that GetResponse is better as it does not limit you to the number of emails sent.



You run a business and you are going to launch a new product. What will you do to attract customers? Yes, there are more than 101 ways of doing this but one thing most of the companies do is that they give free samples. We are also going to see the free trial of GetResponse as well as Campaigner.

  • GetResponse can be used by a new user for 30 days. The user does not have to pay for the first 30 days and this will be his free trial. It is as simple as you give your, email, set password and you are done. Start using all features of the tool for the first 30 days.
  • Both the email marketing tools are similar in this feature. Campaigner also offers the free trial for the first 30 days. Credit card is not required by any of the tools.
    free trial


What do you do when you decide to buy an expensive product or something that costs you a lot? Yes, you will contact all your friends who have ever used it or go to internet to see how many people are currently in favor of this product.

Similarly, we are going to see how many companies prefer these two email marketing tools.

  • The market leader, GetResponse, is trusted by a number of well-known companies some of them are Forbes, CNN, Huff Post, Technorati, Mashable, and


  • When we look at the Campaigner, we get to see that this email marketing tool is also preferred by a number of renowned businesses. Some of them are Warner Bros., Hallmark, Xerox, NASA, Subway, Y&R, Harley-Davidson, and a number of other businesses.



  • A/B Testing

This discussion will tell you that which of the two email marketing tools is better for your company. It is because the features tells us about the capability of any product. We will look at the A/B testing feature.

  • GetResponse offers A/B testing system through which you can test 5 different versions of your emails. Moreover, you can also try out 5 different variables in GetResponse.
    AB Testing
  • The A/B testing is also offered by Campaigner. However, it does not have all those features that GetResponse has. In campaigner, you can only try out 3 different variables.
    AB Test Solution



All the basic features of both the email marketing tools have been discussed above. It is now in your hands to decide which one is better and which one you are going to use for your businesses.

Although both the tools have almost same pricing policies, GetResponse takes into consideration by small businesses as well and its pricing policy is done in that manner. There are other more important aspects of these two tools which you may find on their respective websites. However, the above discussion has made it clear that who the winner is.


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